Thursday, 23 February 2017

Land Speeder Squadron

As part of my 2017 painting challenge I re-based these guys with some pieces from the Sector Imperialis medium basing kit.

Still undecided as to whether to add some pack markings, what do you think?

The reason I have used Land Speeder Storms is because I don't really like the 40k Land Speeder and I don't really like the 30k Land Speeder, so I brought two of these and added some multi-meltas so that they are counts as Land Speeders in my 30k force.

Hope you like them. Let me know what you think (especially about the decal situation...)
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

New innovation at Warhammer World

On a recent visit to Warhammer World for a game with some buddies I happened to use the downstairs toilets and found a new innovation from Games Workshop: The flip down hobby case shelf.

Absolutely great for holding your cases whilst you use the Gents. Can't wait until these are rolled out at other hobby centres around the country... - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k

Monday, 20 February 2017

Magnus is a knob...

I stand by the title of this post, Magnus the Red is a knob in 30k. After playing my Wolves against some Thousand Sons using the Inferno rules at the weekend, I can see why his brothers hated Old One Eye...

To put this in perspective, I'll give you the run down on the battle.

It was 3000pts of my wolves teamed with 3000pts of Raven Guard against 3000pts each of Iron Warriors and Thousand Sons. We knew Magnus and Perturabo , along with two knights and a whole host of Iron Warriors goodness, were going to spank us, so we opted to go first and set up accordingly. Get as many shots in before the king of witches turned up.

What then happened, quite quickly, was a giant horse poo hitting the intake fan of an Airbus A380...

They seized the initiative and took first turn. First psychic phase Magnus teleports into the heart of my wolves. He doesn't scatter and his coming heralded an 18" diameter D-strength blast which inflicted 2D6 hits on each unit. I mean, WTF!? This takes out my Fellblade, both Spartans and 2 assault squads. Only my heavy weapons squad survived unscathed (I do not even know how...).
Magnus has also cast Invisibility on himself and his squad, so what little army I did have left couldn't shoot at him: they were stunned from the initial blast, meaning they could only fire snap shots and the invisibility spell gave a -1 modifier to hit, essentially meaning I needed to roll 7's to hit!

The game then proceeded to have me charge at the Thousand Sons terminators and slowly die a death unworthy of the Route!

The Raven Guard over on the other side of the board were faring little better against the Iron Warriors. Every enemy death after Turn One became a moral victory.

Don't get me wrong, part of my love for Heresy gaming is the fluff, and Magnus would do exactly what he did today in a novel. But it doesn't make for fun gaming. And if Old One Eye can do this, what is the Big E going to do when he finally comes? What I do know is that I'll be adding him to my army whenever I play Thousand Sons!

In the mean time I think I better get myself some Sisters of Silence... - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k

Friday, 17 February 2017

Army painting challenge - Part 1

So, this is a new feature that I'm going to run over the next 12 months, so you can see my progress on this years painting ambitions. I'm hoping to get all of the miniatures needed for my two 30k Space Wolves army lists (3000pts of Zone Mortalis and 3000pts of standard force organisation) completed by the end of the year, and this challenge is going to motivate me to do that!

As a man who works quite a few hours a week and who has a busy toddler to 'handle', I don't get as much painting time as I used to in my youth. A couple of hours a week maybe. This seeming lack of progress can sometimes get me down, so what I have decided to do is buy a couple of days extra annual leave this year and have some 'me' time, where hopefully I can get a bit more painting done in the comfort of my own home :-)

I had one such day recently. I'll start with a list of this year's painting projects. I think I set this out last month as my New Years resolutions, but once I'd emptied all the boxes I had a real idea of what I was dealing with. The release of Inferno has also caused me to have to re-work some of the squads I was planning on painting. Adding ten power swords to my Grey layers squad also proved trickier than I imagined!

So the list for painting
20 Grey Slayers with close combat weapons
20 Grey Slayers with bolters
20 assault marines
11 terminators
1 Forge Lord (Iron Priest)
4 heavy weapons guys
1 Spartan assault tank
5 Death Sworn

For re-basing:
Large flying stand
2 small flying stands
5 heavy weapons guys

After 7hrs I managed to stick all the power swords on the Grey Slayers, sort out the flying bases with some of the 40k basing kits and textured paint and undercoat everything and then base coat everything, using Chaos Black and Mechanicum Standard grey spray cans from Games Workshop.

I feel it was a great start. Everything that I want to paint is now stuck together and base-coated, meaning I've just (just) got all the details to do now.
As I've got two army lists: one for Zone Mortalis and one for standard 30k games, which means there is no real priority in painting these, they just all need doing now! haha. I'll book another day off in a few months to make another leap forward, but in the mean time I'll chip away as much as I can.
Thanks for reading.
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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Modelling Rivets

If you follow me on twitter or have read some of my posts on Reddit recently, I've gone a bit OCD on trying to model rivets on things. The main reason being that I got some pretty cool looking boarding shields recently, but I felt they just needed that something a little bit extra... the thing that was missing was rivets!

There are a number of techniques out there for modelling rivets, and I've tried most over the years: dabs of PVA glue, modelling them out of green stuff... these techniques always look a bit meh and take me an age to do. So I was looking for a short cut.

Zinge Industries also sell a couple of different types of resin rivets. I got myself some of these:
They are attacked to flexible strips of plastic and do look good, but they're no good for adding to the boarding shields unfortunately. Great for barrels, not so good for shields.
So, back to scouring the web for me...
Then I came across these from Archer Fine Transfers. They're a military modelling company and these sheets of rivets are designed for tanks and things. They are essentially 3D resin rivets on decal backing paper, so you apply them exactly the same way you would with decal/transfers.

I just used the same method I described in an earlier post, using micro sol to dissolve the backing.

Personally I think they look great and I have been sticking them on everything! So easy, I did 10 boarding shields in 20 minutes, plus a couple of other guys...
As you can see, I applied the transfer before I painted the model, but you don't have to. Those military model guys just apply them over the tope and leave the rivet black.
But the proof is in the painting test: are the rivets pronounced enough to allow them to show up when you paint them? So yesterday I painted one of the shields up and here's the result:

I dunno about you guys, but that looks good enough for me, and with the ease of use, I can't recommend these highly enough! And there are so many on a sheet that they'll keep you going for a while.
Anyway, I'm happy so I thought I'd share these with you.
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Battle Report: Imperial Fists Vs Space Wolves

A few months ago you'll have seen that I painted up Leman Russ. As a long time Space Wolves fan, player and collector, he is the jewel in the crown for my army, as any Primarch mini should be really.

I'm not much of a gamer but last night I had the chance to try Russ out on the field against my mate Rich's Imperial Fists.

Rich came over and we set up a small Zone Mortalis board. Nothing serious, Rich wanted to try out his Leviathan Dreadnought and I wanted to take a look at the rules for Russ and the Grey Slayers before a big game at Warhammer World this weekend.

Russ has either 7 or 8 Instant Death-causing attacks, depending on which weapons he selects. He has 6 wounds, he ignores Instant Death himself, likewise he causes Fear and is immune to Fear. blah blah... (I'm not a rules buff). He has special armour that modifies enemy To Hit rolls and depending on which blade he is using, he can re-roll his own To Hit and To Wound rolls.

Everything there is pretty close to the fluff. the only thing I wouldn't bother about is his firearm; it's a pretty weak side arm which means it won't be up to much in battle...

So how did he do on the day?

All I can say is that "I was there the day Russ ripped apart a Leviathan Dreadnought... and then slayed Sigismund and a squad of Templar Brethren without as much as breaking a sweat."

Lets be honest, the set up wasn't ideal, but Russ and the Grey Slayers can move, run and attack each turn thanks to their special rules, so they moved across the board pretty quick. The Leviathan Dread was equipped with a Flux Bombard, some sort of grav weapon which is pretty nasty. It started picking off my Grey Slayers as they closed in and even took 2 wounds from Russ before he charged it. I want one!

But once Russ got into combat, he made swift work of the Dread. I wouldn't usually recommend charging a dreadnought though. His axe gives him 8 strength 8 attacks on the charge, which is a lot, but you'll be needing 5s and 6s to take Hull Points from strength 13 armour. Even with the ability to re-roll To Hit and To Wound rolls, I only took three Hull Points in the first round due to the Leviathan's 4+ save (thanks to Armoured Ceramite and Anatomic Shielding). The Leviathan took one wound back that go.

Russ finished the Dread in the second round of combat and then moved on to Sigismund and his squad of Templar Brethren. Usually Sigismund gives me a headache, nothing can defeat him barring a Fellblade shell to the face. But in this instance Russ and his 8 strength 8 attacks, on superior initiative, took him out without even suffering any attacks back, never mind wounds...

Having the Grey Slayers supporting him was great. Their ability to take power swords for 5pts a piece is nothing short of amazing, and with 10 of them equipped, they also helped cut the thread of those Sword Brethren, who again usually serve as a thorn in my side in games against Rich.

What else is there to say really. The new rules really reflect the way the Space Wolves are in fiction and I'm really looking forward to getting them out in a big, competitive game at the weekend (words I never thought I'd hear myself speak...). The 'move, run, assault' special rules might have people daring to take an all infantry army too, exactly the way wolves are depicted. Potentially you could even be in combat in the first turn of game, assuming you roll really well!

EDIT: as has been pointed out, I've realised I played a couple of Russ' rules wrong. He'll get 7 attacks on the charge. I only used his Axe in this so that should have been 7 strength 8 AP2 attacks on the charge, re-rolling a single failed To Hit roll (Master Crafted) but re-rolling all of the failed To Wound rolls (Sunder).

What have your experiences been?


Post note: This post is dedicated to Ginger the guinea pig. Rich was bringing Ginger down to us for re-homing (as good an excuse for a game of 30k as ever...), but sadly he didn't make the journey. Guinea pigs are notoriously anxious travellers and obviously it was a bit too much for him.
RIP Ginger. - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k

Friday, 10 February 2017

Hobby Update: 10/02/2017

Hey there! And how are you? Got much hobbying done this week?

My week has actually been filled mostly with thinking about hobbying. The new Space Wolves 30k rules are now out there and I have two games in the next 4 weeks so I've had to do some real thinking about what to focus my time on; switching squad load outs and realising I don't have enough power weapons in the bitz box has sapped most of that time!

I did get out to Warhammer World on Wednesday night to try out Burning of Prospero for the first time. I bought that for the minis but hadn't actually played the game, so it was good to get it out of the box.

My initial thoughts were that the game mechanics were ten times more complex than Betrayal at Calth, but after two games it was actually pretty much the same, just different.

I played Thousand Sons, seeing as I usually play Space Wolves in every other game, and I actually won (maybe it's the army  choice, not actually my playing that is the cause of ten years of losing then?...).

Some of the psychic powers are really good, and the flame wall one in particular was good in the Zone Mortalis-type set up. I managed to make the Wolves march the long way round pretty much every turn!

The Wolves killed my Captain in the first turn. I then regenerated him... they then killed him... I then regenerated him... this happened 4 times over the course of the game and in the end he only managed to kill one guy! It became a bit of a joke.

You might have also seen the Gav Thorpe interview posted on Four Dads of the Apocalypse? Getting that written up was a challenge in itself. I've never actually interviewed a person (other than in a work capacity). Hopefully you like it.

Anyway, back to the sticking of plastic soldiers for me... have a good weekend!

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