Friday, 30 December 2016

Army Shot - January 2017


I wanted to share some pics of my army as it stands now so that I can come back and compare at the end of the year to actually see how much I manage to complete!

I don't know how many points I have, certainly not as much as some people these days. Since 30k got big, people seem to be building bigger and bigger armies. I used to have 10,000pts of 40k Wolves, but have considerably downsized these days. I only build and paint the units that I am going to use or that I find particularly interesting.

In the photos you can see this. Lots of assault marines, bikes and heavy transports for when I'm playing a conventional game, and lots of terminators and boarding marines for when I'm playing Zone Mortalis. This side of  things is going to grow this year, I definitely want another squad of boarding marines in my army.

Sorry about the poor quality pics. As I finish a squad I'll take some pics in the light box and add them to the gallery

Definitely want to get my Fellblade painted up soon, this is the jewel in the crown of my army.

I need to get that second Spartan painted up too. I definitely want to add some more tank support to the force. Maybe some of those Scicarians or a squad of Predators.

What are your painting plans for 2017?

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