Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Ludorati Cafe - Review

In what now appears to be a regular feature, I visited another board games café last night, the Ludorati Café in Nottingham.

The venue is set out sell, with a mixture of table sizes to suit different games. There is even a fish tank meeting room at the back where I saw a bunch of developers having a meeting. I guess this would be a great place to hold a meeting if you were a games development firm with limited space.

Rather than paying a set fee, there is an hourly charge per person

Board Games
There was a great choice of board games of all different styles and complexities. As I was with my old school friend again we didn't pick anything too difficult, but I get the feeling he wants to graduate to something a bit more complex in the not too distant future... maybe no full on Dungeons and Dragons but others were playing games with cards and tokens which we might have a go at next time.

We selected Carcassonne and Game of Life, games which neither of us were sure we'd played before. Of three rounds of games, my friend beat me 2/1. After beating me at Risk last time I need to step my game up obviously!!
For those that don't know, Game of Life is nothing like actual life, other than paying $100,000 to go to Uni. I will revise that statement if I actually manage to die with $3.5million in assets after having 4 kids...

As I've said before, these are board games cafés, so café is part of the name and so this aspect should be included in the review. What I can say is that the café facilities at this place do not seem to be a half-thought out bolt on to the board game bit like it does in some places. The choice is massive, as if you are actually at Costa, and they sell wines, beers and food too. 10/10 for this element of the venue.

There are lots of friendly, professional staff and the prices are reasonable.

As with the Café, the facilities are excellent. Smart, clean and out of the way. There is a number of toilets and a baby changing facility too.

As I mentioned above, there seems to be a meeting room for hire too, adding another aspect to the venue. We hear that the venue will soon start hosting logic games with a difference in this room. I look forward to giving those a go.

As with the other similar cafés there are plenty of board games for sale to. What I would say is that this venue has definitely got the proportions right, it's about 50% café : 50% board games, where many other venues are more 95% board games and you can get a cuppa if you like. Maybe I'm not a hard core gamer enough to judge this but I think that's how it should be.

I must say, of the cafes we've visited so far, this has been my favourite. It's very slick, the service is great and the choice of games is vast.

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