Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Iron Priest - review and kitbash

I've been wanting to build the Space Wolves Iron Priest for some time now. I never use Techmarines in games but the recently released plastic Iron priest looked too good to resist.

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Firstly, look at how much detail there is on this sprue. He looks fantastic. However, the plan is to use him in my 30k Space Wolves army so I didn't intend on building him completely from the box.

My plan was to make some subtle changes, namely the legs, pistol and helmet.

The legs: I wanted to use the Mk3 legs, to tie him into my Horus Heresy force. Changing the legs wasn't too hard, but there was a little cable thing on the back of the torso which kinda got in the way. If you snip this, the torso fits much more snugly. Using the plastic legs from Burning of Prospero means that the bond between legs and torso is much stronger than if I'd used a resin set and superglue.

The pistol: I don't want to be spending many more than the base points value on this guy, so he doesn't need such a fancy pistol. I did make an exception with the hammer though, because that thing is a work of art.

Helmet: I wanted my priest to look different. I've been discarding these wolf helmets for years because I never really knew what to do with them, but then I thought if anyone is gonna wear this helmet, it'll be an iron priest.

And here you go, the finished article. I'm looking forward to painting him up now. I want him to stand out from the rest of the force but can't decide if I'll paint his armour red or gold. What do you think?

C&Cs welcome.

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