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Wild rumours and speculation...

The 40k Universe is like the changing seasons at the moment. First we had Curse of the Wulfen, where a raging Magnus returned, leaving the wolves reeling, and now we have the Fall of Cadia. Something tells me that the 40k universe is never going to be the same after this year...

But by all accounts, Magnus isn't the only Primarch coming back in the 41st Millennium. There are a bunch of exciting rumours out there at the moment, all of which I want to be true. We also have Forge World hopefully completing their own set in the not too distant future as we complete the march to Terra.

From Forge World, we are still awaiting Magnus, Dorn, The Lion, Sanguinius, The Khan and Alpharius/Omegon.

Games Workshop have already given us Magnus, and we hear that The Lion, Ferrus Manus and/or Guilliman could be coming back soon.

What follows is a summary of what I have heard and some random musings...

I've read strange stories of Ferrus Manus coming back as the leader of the Legion of the Damned. What with Fabius cloning Ferrus over and over, maybe he is truly the leader of the damned? This was alluded to in Master of Mankind.

We've probably all heard the stories of Omegon being the leader of the Grey Knights. Maybe now is the time for that to be revealed?

Sanginius is apparently already back with us as the Sanguinor. If the Angel Celestine can return from the dead, there's no reason why the Lord of the Blood Angels can't do the same...

There are also rumours of The Lion and Vulkan returning to us. With The Lion napping in The Rock and Vulkan trapped in stasis, it could be either of them. If Tryzn the Infinite decides to unleash the big green fighting machine in response to Cadia being destroyed, all hell could break loose.

There are rumours that one loyalist Primarch will go Chaos and one Chaos come back to being Loyal, but with so many rumours and stories, I actually can't guess as to who that will be!

I also want to know if Russ is coming back? I expected him at the end of the Curse of the Wulfen campaign but he didn't show up for the Wolf Time, like he said he would. Maybe he forgot to set his alarm?... In the lore they've found his armour and Abbadon possibly has his sword... maybe he needs neither any more, maybe he's gone full Wulfen! Maybe he's the loyalist who's turned to chaos?

What about the return of other traitor Primarchs? That new Eldar model looks suspiciously like a certain other follower of Slaneesh... Fulgrim once destroyed a demon of Slaneesh, maybe he went after the boss this time and ended up becoming an avatar instead?

 Fulgrim Primarch of the Emperor's Children

Same colour armour, same hair colour, similar pose. I dunno, there's a lot of cues there...

Which brings me on to some thoughts I've hadabout the Forge World Primarch miniatures recently too.

When Roboute Guilliman was released there was no doubt it was a fine miniature, but why did they select THAT pose? The one with a single power fist and a sword?! I, like many I am sure based on the comments I have read around the interweb, was so hoping for the twin-power-fist-angry-rage-face pose from the cover of Know No Fear:

Having Guilliman with that pose would have made me buy him, despite my previous lack of love for the boys in blue. That pose and that book made me love the Ultramarines. In fact, every time a new Horus Heresy novel comes along, 9 times out of 10 Neil Roberts' artwork makes me want to start a new army. And I know many in the community feel the same, just read the comments on any blog or forum site.

I didn't buy that miniature in the end. I generally paint the miniatures that inspire me, and that pose didn't get my blood pumping. There are rumours that he's next in line for the 40k plastic treatment though, so here's hoping he reclaims those fists!

So, with Mr Roberts' excellent direction, why has Forge World chosen not to use the Black Library art for inspiration on so many occasions?

Here's my theory: many of the miniatures coming along now represent the two side of the same coin so often thrown up in the literature. We have Guilliman the empire builder, Lord of the Five Hundred Worlds. His miniature pose matches that of Horus, first among equals and builder of the Imperium (whether on behalf of himself or his farther):
Both have a single power first and a power weapon in the opposite hand.
So who else have we got so far? Ferrus and Fulgrim don't really match in terms of pose but they were modelled much earlier, so I'll exclude them.

But we do have Vulkan and Perturabo, arguably two sides of the same coin: both blacksmiths, both artisans, both believers in the strength of Man:
And Forge World posed them similarly: hammer in one hand, leaning in for the attack.

Then we have some more recent additions (which made me think of this whole link in the first place): Corax and Curze. Both from planets enslaved by the dominant elite, both members of the enslaved population. Both could have become bitter and twisted but one chose the dark and the other the light. Look at the way they are posed:
Look at the legs, look at the claws. Both Angels, but one is an Angel of Death and Destruction. Horus and Guilliman aside, these two are definitely, consciously designed as a pair of miniatures I suspect

So in summary, the designers haven't gone for the poses depicted by the artwork, they have gone for the poses that reflect that Primarch's character and tied that in with their traitorous (or loyalist, depending on your persuasion) counterpart.

Maybe I'm reading too much in to it.

I don't know which Primarch is next on the Forge World list for sculpting, maybe we'll find out at the weekend? I suspect it'll be Magnus, so it will be interesting to see how he differs from Demon Magnus. Hopefully there is some scope for swapping bits.

What do you think?

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