Monday, 20 February 2017

Magnus is a knob...

I stand by the title of this post, Magnus the Red is a knob in 30k. After playing my Wolves against some Thousand Sons using the Inferno rules at the weekend, I can see why his brothers hated Old One Eye...

To put this in perspective, I'll give you the run down on the battle.

It was 3000pts of my wolves teamed with 3000pts of Raven Guard against 3000pts each of Iron Warriors and Thousand Sons. We knew Magnus and Perturabo , along with two knights and a whole host of Iron Warriors goodness, were going to spank us, so we opted to go first and set up accordingly. Get as many shots in before the king of witches turned up.

What then happened, quite quickly, was a giant horse poo hitting the intake fan of an Airbus A380...

They seized the initiative and took first turn. First psychic phase Magnus teleports into the heart of my wolves. He doesn't scatter and his coming heralded an 18" diameter D-strength blast which inflicted 2D6 hits on each unit. I mean, WTF!? This takes out my Fellblade, both Spartans and 2 assault squads. Only my heavy weapons squad survived unscathed (I do not even know how...).
Magnus has also cast Invisibility on himself and his squad, so what little army I did have left couldn't shoot at him: they were stunned from the initial blast, meaning they could only fire snap shots and the invisibility spell gave a -1 modifier to hit, essentially meaning I needed to roll 7's to hit!

The game then proceeded to have me charge at the Thousand Sons terminators and slowly die a death unworthy of the Route!

The Raven Guard over on the other side of the board were faring little better against the Iron Warriors. Every enemy death after Turn One became a moral victory.

Don't get me wrong, part of my love for Heresy gaming is the fluff, and Magnus would do exactly what he did today in a novel. But it doesn't make for fun gaming. And if Old One Eye can do this, what is the Big E going to do when he finally comes? What I do know is that I'll be adding him to my army whenever I play Thousand Sons!

In the mean time I think I better get myself some Sisters of Silence... - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k


  1. As far as I'm aware, all of the Nova powers (what Magnus did to you with the 18" diameter D blast) are AP4 at best. It wouldn't do a great deal to your infantry. It'll still fuck your tanks up, but it's not strong vs infantry. Also sounds like he got really lucky with his spell selection. Gate of Infinity, Invisibility and a Nova, spells from at least 2 decks with only 5 rolls. Either he got monumentally lucky, or he "misread" the rules. Additionally, how was he deep striking without scattering on turn 1? Gate of Infinity is just a standard Deep Strike action, so would scatter as normal.

    1. Cheers for the comments. I need took double check the rules because it was a bit sketchy. Apparently Magnus doesn't scatter and he can pic his spells?...

    2. He scatters as normal and he cannot pick his spells. He generates randomly.

  2. Faeit 212 posted a couple of pics from Inferno and one has Magnus' psychic power rules.

    They state that he randomly generates five psychic powers, he doesn't choose them.

    And I can't see anything about him not scattering when he deep strikes.

  3. The Faeit article is here: