Tuesday, 28 February 2017

So, what about Nikea?

So I've been reading a couple more Heresy novels lately, one being Angels of Caliban, where we learn that not only are the Dark Angels still employing librarians but they have the Dread Wing, a complete chapter of marines with weapons that fire warp weapons! This was one of the six wings originally created by the Emperor, so we know it has his blessing.

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Looking at the bigger picture, the majority of the Primarchs that wanted the Thousand Sons sanctioned, ultimately resulting in the judgement at Nikea, followed by the Burning of Prospero, soon turned traitor. If, like some think, the Big E really knew that the heresy was coming and which legions would side with Horus, why did he sanction Magnus?

Then we have the Space Wolves, a whole legion completely exempt from the judgement at Nikea and free to use psychers.

As soon as the Heresy breaks, pretty much every loyalist legion decides that Nikea doesn't apply to them and all re-form their Librarius.

What I'm kinda getting at is, why was everyone so down on the Thousand Sons when they are blatantly ok with using psychers themselves?

The only guys that didn't like using psychers were the legions that turned traitor (Mortarian and Perturabo being the principle Primarchs in this quarter). I don't count Russ because he's blatantly a hypocrite in this instance. So where were all the loyalists at Nikea to defend Magnus?!

Another question is, what will Magnus do when he finds out it was Horus that ordered Russ to destroy Prospero and kill him, not the Emperor? I predict he'll be the 'traitor Primarch that turns loyal' that there have been rumours about. Maybe he'll take the Big E's place on the throne, to atone, whilst Guilliman re-conquers the galaxy? We shall see I guess.

Just some random thoughts about psychers, feel free to chip in...


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  1. I the original fluff the Council of Nikea didn't end in the disbandment of the legions Librarians but actually the decision to build the Librariums in the first place. At first at the Council there were only "allow everything" by Magnus and "no to everything" by Mortarion and few others but then a 3rd option was given by a group of psykers from different legions that spoke as one voice for a controlled training and use of psykers in the Legions and Imperium as a whole. After their presentation the Emperor decided to go for just that. The Thousand Sons & Magnus were still judged and ordered to cease their practises of sorcery as their thirst for knoweledge had driven them to seek out and use of ancient texts and incantations which were deemed too dangerous by Emperor and thus forbidden. Magnus didn't believe this and wanted to show their power which in the end resulted in destruction of Emperors masterwork and got the Legion destroyed. I always thought that this was much more believable than the later "no use of psykers!" decision in the Horus Heresy books. Nice blog by the way, cheers!

    1. I think your right, that's much more believable! Makes way more sense.
      And cheers, thanks for reading