Friday, 31 March 2017

Follow me and win! - also, feedback wanted

Hello there....

Between you and me, I don't usually like the idea of running competitions mainly because I never win competitions myself, so I have a mild hatred... lol

However, it's been a really successful 3 months for the blog and I wanted to give something back to you guys who have been there, reading what I have to say, looking at my miniatures and giving some good feedback. So, I've decided to run one of those 'follow me and win' type competitions, using the Gathering Storm Book 3, donated kindly by the guys at Alchemists Workshops.

Image result for gathering storm book 3 40k

So, if you follow the blog or follow me on twitter @davetgent between now and 14th April, I'll enter you into the draw. One lucky winner will receive the book.

Additionally, if there is anything you think I can do to improve the blog, please let me know, either here in the comments or over on twitter.

Lastly, I'm always looking for more models to show off and I can only paint so many myself, so if you have a Legion you are proud of and fancy sharing it here on the blog, please get in touch.

Thanks for your support and readership to date!

Dave - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k

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