Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Four Dads meet-up

Last weekend I managed to meet up with the Four Dads. It's been nearly 18 month since we last had a big battle so it was good to catch up, see how our armies have progressed and generally get our toys out. 
(Note to self: Scout huts are cold!)

I'm just working on the battle report, but I thought I'd share some pictures of our armies. We were determined to use as many painted miniatures as possible, but inevitable we didn't quite manage that. Everything on the table was at least undercoated and 90%  of it was base-coated, so it was a start. Maybe next time!...

The four armies (from left to right) are Space Wolves (me) and Imperial Fists (Rich) verses Flesh Tearers and Guard (James) and Blood Angels and Mechanicum (Steve). It was 3250pts + 500pts a piece (so 3750pts in total).

I think everyone had at least one work in progress, but everyone's armies are coming along really nicely

I'll crack on with the battle report. I thought I'd post these pictures separately because there's already a lot of pictures in the main report.

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  1. Great job, I feel your pain, too many models in the To-Do pile and not enough meet ups with your mates!

    1. That's the problem with being a grown up! :-)