Monday, 27 March 2017

Gaming - Strike Force

Just a quick post from me this week. Work has been hectic the last few weeks due to it being the end of the financial year!

Friday I managed to find a couple of spare hours and went to play a game of 30k Strike Force with my friend Dimitri at Warhammer World. There's a tournament (Victory is Vengeance) in a couple of weeks so he wanted to practice.

In essence the game is just like Kill Team. You get 450pts each, 150pts have to be spent on 'characters' to lead your force and the other 300pts can be cherry picked from across the army list.

When I say 'characters', what I mean is any unit with the 'character' special rule, so you don't need HQ's to lead the army, you can take a squad sergeant for example.

My Space Wolves selection ended up being 2 centurians (because I read the rules wrong and didn't realise you could take a sergeant instead...), 5 assault marines, 5 Grey Slayers and 2 terminators. Each man is an individual, so they move, shoot and assault like separate units, but you can form them in to ad hoc squads if you wish.

This was faced by a Raven Guard army consisting of a lot of people with either a) sniper rifles or b) jump packs. The sniper rifles made a good job of catching everyone in crisscrossing fire arcs, but lacked the manoeuvrability to escape from my own assault troops who, due to the close confines and 4"x4" board, were in amongst them by Turn 2.

My Grey Slayers didn't fair so well. With their move-run-charge special rule they swiftly made it across the board, but were unlucky with their saving rolls.

The game was great fun, and very close, with only 1 VP in it at the end of 5 turns.

This guy is a hero, surviving endless sniper shots every turn and decimating everyone at close quarters. The number of 6's he rolled for saves and to hits was incredible. I've probably used up my allowance for 2017!

I'll definitely be playing Strike Force again!

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