Monday, 20 March 2017

Gathering Storm Part 3 - First Thoughts

I know there have already been a number of reviews out there for this one but I wanted to share my initial thoughts with you guys, both on this book and the series as a whole. 

Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch

I think Games Workshop have absolutely knocked the ball out of the park with the Gathering Storm series. The fluff progression and miniatures that we’re seeing is fantastic. If the three books, this one is the one that’s made me go out and buy the miniatures. Who doesn’t want a plastic Primarch?! 

This book provides the epic conclusion to the series, where we see our band of warriors reach their goal and unlock the ultimate prize. We see Cypher returning (currently I’m reading Angels of Caliban by Gav Thorpe, so this throws up a load of questions in my mind… who is this Cypher!? And is he for or against the Big E?), we see the Grey Knights getting involved and we saw a living god travel across the galaxy, speak to his living-corpse of a father and take up the mantle of Emperor (in all but name).

The other thing this series has done is bring the 40k factions into two corners: good guys and bad guys. The Imperium have spent too long losing the fight against all comers so it is good that they have finally accepted that to remove the cancer of Chaos, they are going to need help. The Eldar were obvious, but Necrons?! But then. Maybe it makes sense, all three of these races were created by the Old Ones to fight Chaos, so it’s symbolic that they should finally form an alliance of sorts to finally beat the bad guys. 

I think 8th Edition is going to be a little like The End Times, in that GW will be able to clean up the factions. We have too many in my mind. It’s great that we can play them all, but do Dark Eldar and Eldar really need separate codices? Do all the Space Marine chapters for that matter? When they are united under one banner, they’ll simply be different arms of Guilliman’s Super Legion. 

And what about the rules? On the plus, we now get to field a living saint, an Eldar God and a Primarch! Who couldn’t be happier?

Triumvirate of the Primarch

I was a bit disappointed that Guilliman cannot join a unit though. In 30k, that’s part of the fun; the lord and his chosen heroes running into the fray. But I guess in 40k this could be a bit overpowered. I dunno, I’m not a rules buff, I just like the imagery. Just over 300 points for a Primarch is quite a difference to the 400 or 500pts we see in 30k. I guess I need to see him on the field. 

In any case, I cannot wait to get my hands on him to paint, the model of Guilliman looks fantastic (and it’s not often I say that about the over-fancy 40k-comic miniatures we are seeing these days). I’ve ordered mine from Alchemists Workshops as usual as the 25% discount really helped persuade me to shell out on a non-Space Wolf miniature! haha

What do you guys think? Loving it or hating it? Let me know in the comments below. - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k


  1. I hate the Guilliman forgot how to ride in a land raider lol...

    1. Maybe it slipped his mind after his 9000 year snooze! Lol