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Legions on Parade: Thousand Sons

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Here's a new feature which I'd like to make a regular one; sharing pictures of the great painted, beautifully fluffed, lovingly collected armies from you guys.

This, our first, is one of the best painted armies that I've played against. I've played Jason twice now; the first was a fun game of Zone Mortalis before Book 7 hit. The second was a completely one-sided blood bath of a game where my army was destroyed by the end of turn 2! haha. But I'll let Jason share his story:

I started collecting a legion based thousand son army quite a few months before their rules came out with Inferno. 

The main reason why I went for Thousand Sons was their colour scheme. After painting close to 10k points of imperial fists and that dreaded yellow, I wanted a force that would be infantry based (since I prefer painting troops over vehicles) and with an easy paint scheme. Of course my original thoughts on painting them was that I would just spray them silver and do a simple layer of Angron Red and be done with it. I was wrong. 

Painting my Thousand Sons was proven as challenging as the Imperials Fists with the yellow. Below you can see my process for painting all the Thousand Sons (note that the majority of the process is done with an airbrush):

1. Undercoat with black
2. Basecoat with leadbelcher
3. Apply 3-4 very thin layers of Angron Red. This is better done in batches since it will allow the figures time to dry. It is very important to allow the ink to dry before applying the next layer. A hair blower can speed this up.
4. Evenly apply Gloss Nuln Oil on all the miniature. This darkens the red and really makes it pop out more.
5. Paint on all the details such as eyes, belts, shoulderpads, anything with gold or silver etc.
6. Spot ink with nuln oil all the added details such as the shoulderpas etc
7. Highlights

For my bases I use the following very easy and fast method:

1. Apply Armageddon Dust all over the base
2. Generously apply Agrax Earthshade everywhere
3. Drybrush with bone white

Used the methods described above I was able to paint close to 4-5k points before Inferno came out within a couple of months. 

Now lets talk a little bit about the rules. 

I personally liked the new rules and I believe they have made the Thousand Sons a very versatile army that can excel in everything if played right. 

At the same time, the above statement is also my biggest grudge against them. We get a lot of free bonuses (6++ on every LA unit with raptora for example or rerolls of 1 in shooting) and while this is very cool, there are not enough limitations to level the playing field. 

We also get very good scout units and a scout HQ, allowing us to be an excellent scout army, even better that Alpha legion who are supposed to be the masters of stealth and scout. 

In general, with a first look and with the few games I have played with them, Thousand Sons seem to be doing everything other armies do and also do it better. 

We get special terminators with 2 wounds, 2 master levels that can SELECT their spells and at the same time are cheaper than other legion counterparts. I am talking about the Sekhmet terminators and after adding them in a couple of my games, I can say that those guys DO NOT DIE. 

Then of course there is Magnus. Magnus is a joke. He can obliterate everything. I am a Thousand Sons player and I still agree with all the people that complain about Magnus. 

He is cheaper than Horus and at the same time he can just erase hundreds of points in every turn, while being literally invincible. His -1 to all To Hit rolls means that once he casts Invisibility on himself and his unit, you can only hit them with a roll of 7 on a 6 sided dice. 

He also does not need Line of Sight for his spells, has ignores cover AND double the range in all his spells. And as if all that was not enough, he can turn any spell in STR D since he can add 2D6 to the spell strength. He also perils only on 3 6s and to add insult to injury, he ignores the first peril result he gets. 

(Converted Magnus... until he gets an official model)

Many argue that he is not that overpowered because he needs to role for his powers but all he needs to completely obliterate the enemy army is one nova power and Invisibility and he has 5 dice to roll for them. If he gets super lucky, he can get those two with his first 2 rolls and still have 3 more powers to roll in Biomancy.

In general Magnus is a total beast and I do not plan on including him on any games until he gets nerfed down (which I expect to happen at some point within the next 12 months

Thanks to Jason for sharing those. If you have a great legion to share, please get in touch on twitter @davetgent

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  1. You are wrong about Magnus' over-powered spell casting.

    Yes, The Eye of the Crimson King (No LOS and Ignores Cover) is true for all spells, but Mind Wrath (double range and +2D6 S) only apply to Witchfire spells, not all spells.

  2. Jason here - You are right that it only applies to Witchfire spells but that includes novas which is the devastating spell here. It becomes a STR D, 18 inch bubble that will evaporate any vehicle. On the first game I played with Magnus he destroyed 2 spartans and a fellblade in one turn, and caused several wounds on some marine squads as well.

    While Mind Wrath does not apply on blessings (thank god) it is still a massively overpowered rule that can very easily be exploited for cheese.

    Also dont forget that being invincible (getting hit on 7s) is also part of his spellcasting so I will stick to my statement that he is VERY over-powered.

    1. Cheers Jason. I think this is one of those subjects that will cause massive discussions until FW produce an FAQ