Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Taking the army to war: figures cases

Like many a hobbyist of a certain age, I brought my army cases at least ten years ago. And as my army has grown and evolved, so I have cut and replaced my foam to accommodate it. The result is that the foam inside y cases is now not really fit for purpose. A real miss mash of torn bits of foam that don't really protect my lovingly painted miniatures in the way they once did.

The cases I've got are these bad boys from the days of yore:
Image result for games workshop figure cases
They are huge and sturdy and fit loads of miniatures so they were fantastic when I got them. Then I brought more tanks, more Forge World resin, everything got bigger and heavier and I cut the foam to fit. I can't fault these, but my army is bigger now and I want something more bespoke.

I started looking at the new Games Workshop cases:
Citadel Crusade Figure Case
I remember reading the reviews of these when they first came out and was pretty impressed. They sound really versatile. I must admit, I was tempted.

But then I had a few resin incidents. Where Forge World miniatures have been packed and a sword or axe has been under pressure from the foam, they end up bent. It just happened to my Leman Russ actually. He got a bent sword and I had to get the hairdryer out and bend it back into shape. These cases strike me as having the ability to cause me a lot of trouble in that department.

So then I started looking at KR multicase, I have one of their boxes, just a simple one that holds about 150 marines. Great for a large infantry army.

But they do all sorts of bespoke foam for different things, I'm just a bit concerned about everything being in cardboard cases.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions or recommendations?

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  1. KR also has lines with other types of cases (metal, etc) available. It can be kinda tricky to puzzle out their site, but it's all there and their customer service is pretty good if you get confused.

    I personally like Army Transport because they're pretty reasonably-priced and come in several useful sizes. I know a lot of folks recommend Battlefoam, but given how much of an asshole the owner is, I won't buy from them.

    1. I always forget about battle foam, not heard anyone mention them for a while.
      I've seen KR so those big freezer bag sized hold-all a for their cardboard cases which do appeal.
      Cheers man

  2. There is a UK based company who recently had a Kickstarter, Tabletop Tyrant Miniature Wargame Storage. Battlefoam is expensive if you live UK side of pond. My favourite so far without doubt has been InterSponge.

    1. Intersponge? Cool name, I'll check them out. Cheers

    2. They folded, but still the occasional eBay find

    3. Ah man! Such a cool name too!