Monday, 24 April 2017

8th Edition is coming...

So, what’s your thoughts on 8th Edition 40k?

Obviously we don’t actually know a lot yet but looking at the FAQ, my initial thoughts are that I’m not concerned… ‘coz 30k is sticking with 7th losers! mwuhahahah

I’m joking… 

The move to an Age of Sigma isn't a bad thing in my book; reduced start up cost, reduced maintenance cost, smaller and quicker games, simplified rules, more fun... what's not to like? I think Games Workshop realised that 40k had just become too bloated and could only watch as their growing rivals crept up behind them in popularity. Yes, 40k is a 'premium' war game, but it was stifling itself.


That's why I play the board games like Betrayal at Calth, that's why I play quicker games like Zone Mortalis, that's why I play smaller games like Strike Force. With all of those options I can comfortably get 2 or more games in an evening. I don't have 4hrs to play a 1500pt game of 40k, and even when I did, I didn't have the attention span. So, I for one am really excited to see what they have in store for us in 8th Edition.

The FAQ was updated live tonight and pretty much everything in there sounded good to me. Even the talk about lasguns hurting tanks made sense, because in the real world, enough concentrated fire can hurt anything. I've seen that sort of thing with my own eyes.

I am a bit sad to see templates go though, they have been a staple of my hobby since the tender age of 12. I do have questions, like how will this affect quad mortars that result in areas of phosphex? Weapons like that will still need a marker of some sort.

The different ways to play sound cool too. Me and my friends tend to play narrative games anyway, where strict adherence to rules and points values can sometimes get left at the door, sacrificed in the name of 'good story line'. We all want to win, but if we die going down in a blaze of glory while cool cinematic sh*t is happening all around, that's good enough for us. So this I welcome.

Image result for everything getting blown up meme

I do wonder how it will effect 30k. Obviously all black books are now null and void with respect to their rules. I don't mind too much, I brought them for the fluff, but the red book I just brought is now looking like an expensive white elephant that I will be able to shift on ebay for neither love nor money...

In my opinion, 30k was much easier to play anyway. Everyone is a marine so there's only one set of core rules to learn, with the odd special rule here and there. But it was quicker and more fun... wait, has 40k just looked to 30k for inspiration?!

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. With news still breaking on a daily basis, we'll have to wait until the 27th May to get the real picture (I imagine it'll be launched at Warhammer Fest? no?).

In the mean time, try not to get too stressed guys. Everyone said Age of Sigma was rubbish... then they played it... and it turns out it was actually awesome!

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  1. So far 30k is not being affected by the move to 8th edition. I still reckon Forgeworld will produce a 'battles in the age of darkness' rulebook which will be their updated version of 7th edition specifically for 30k.

    Also the delay to the mechanicum/tau imperial armour book makes a lot more sense now as FW will probably use it to update the red scorpions/space marines, mechanicum and their tau models to work with 8th ed.

    1. I think FW have said in the past that they don't want to maintain their own rule set, so I think it'll switch to 8th eventually. I think they were just focusing on getting the 40k rules in imperial armour books converted first. As you say, 30k is stand alone at the moment and can stay that way for a while