Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Leviathan Dreadnought - A Review

As hobbyists we are all very happy to show off our fully painted miniatures, which is my favourite part of the hobby! But, we often forget that we’re customers too, and this isn’t a cheap hobby.

I recently brought a Leviathan Dreadnought, one of three needed for my Fury of the Ancients army. I’m always buying Forge World resin crack, so thought little of this. But £75 is actually quite a lot of money to drop on a single miniature, so I can see why some people might baulk at this, especially with some of the horror stories about quality, so I wanted to give you my story and experience.

I’ve had some bad experiences with quality in the past, particularly mould slip lines, thinning resin in some elements and air holes. In hind sight, I should have remembered that I’m a customer and taken them back, but I just thought it was par for the course of working with resin. However, I have heard of Forge World replacing these for people because of these defects, so yeah, I should have taken them back. There’s nothing worse than dropping £100, £200, £900 on resin crack to then be faced with a hell of a lot of work because the quality is poor. So I’d say, if you get a bad batch, take them back. Maybe I should have saved all those shoulder pads that were wafer thin and unusable and taken them back… 

In my experience, Forge World and Games Workshop customer service have always been excellent. In the instances where I have contacted them, mainly due to bits missing, they have replaced them quickly with no fuss. So I would say, if you do have an issue with the product, make sure you talk to them about it. 

With many of the miniatures now too, there is a check certificate. So the Leviathan I’m going to talk about shortly came with a check certificate, so the chances of you getting something really poor these days has massively decreased. 

So let’s have a look at my latest toy: the Leviathan Dreadnought. As I say, I need three of these bad boys for my planned army, but started off with one as I’ve not put this kit together before. 

It comes with a check certificate and some very nice instructions, which you don’t always get.

The mould lines are fairly minimal and surfaces smooth as silk, nothing a small amount of liquid green stuff and a fine file can’t handle with ease. 

The model itself is very well designed, very posable, taking all those nice Contemptor cues and beefing them up. The Leviathan is like the Hulk compared to the Contemptor’s Bruce Banner (I feel the need to paint a green Leviathan now!).

There are a few small details that need sorting but overall I’m really happy with this miniature, the quality of the detail and casting, the ability to pose it in a variety of ways… I’m happy I brought this and am looking forward to including another two in my force. 

If you just had one in your force it would add a nice centrepiece. In 40k I’m pretty sure you could use it as a ‘counts as’ dreadnought, just like you do contemptors.

I would also share the experience of seeing some of there-cast Forge World miniatures that are available out there. I know very well that this is a bit of a taboo subject, and I’m not judging anyone either way: they are much cheaper than legitimate Forge World miniatures and the quality is quite high. But in my opinion, and that is all it is, my opinion, they just aren’t the same. Having them side by side, they just aren’t the same… I guess I’ve just been spoilt by Forge World! And the fact I live pretty much next door, so no shipping cost for me. 

Yes, Forge World is expensive but the products are superior to everything else in the industry and if you do have a problem, you can go back to them. Not to mention you are supporting the guys who are designing these things; take away their revenue and you’ll have no more miniatures from them because they won’t be there.

In summary: go buy lots of leviathans! GO! GO! GO!

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  1. I got one, love it.
    Gonna get another with two CCW and a Dread Drop Pod.

    1. That looks fantastic! Like it.
      Do they still do the dread drop pod? I was thinking of just converting a plastic one