Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Shattered Trust - A Space Wolves Diorama

Something I've always wanted to do was paint a 40k Diorama, but it has always been difficult to justify spending my money on bits and time on painting something will ultimately never see the gaming table.

Several years ago I finally took the plunge. I made this base and planned on building a Space Wolves vs Dark Angels duel, reliving the Lion and the Wolf contest the two armies have every time they meet. But then I never finished it.

Last year I decided to pull it out of the cupboard again and have another go, this time with a Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons scene. Another epic match as the Wolves came down to sanction the Sons on their home planet.
It ended up not being a duel, instead showing a Wolf as he stormed a room and cast aside a squad of his traitorous cousins.

This diorama has kinda been the project that I can never finish. As well as the two false starts I've accidentally broken the miniature several times during construction and painting. But I think after 18 months on the painting shelf looking surly every time I picked up a brush, I will call this finished.

I like this view of the guys aiming down the barrel of his bolter as the Wolf bursts into the scene.

I've tried to make the scene dynamic, but in doing so the joints between feet and base are quite weak and are susceptible to breaking.

In keeping with the history of this project, as soon as I'd finished taking the pictures, it broke. I won't be fixing this on again. Instead, I'll use these guys on other bases.

Hope you like it.

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  1. Looks fantastic Dave! Love the movement in the piece!

    1. Cheers man, I'm really proud of this one...