Thursday, 20 April 2017

Vlka Fenryka HQ miniatures

A while back I started re-basing my army and that included a couple of HQ units, adding some weathering to tie them in with the rest of the force. I think I've posted them before but I saw this was a draft post and thought I better finish it off...

This guy started out as a Ragnar Blackmane conversion using Gabriel Seth as a base, but has now had 6th Legion markings added and is ready for 30k war. He'll be my 'generic praetor/centurian' model. Anywhere where I need a bog standard, 50/100pt battle leader. His sword can be a close combat weapon, paragon blade or large chainsword, and that holster at his hip could be a bolt pistol or plasma pistol.. whatever is required really.

This is my Master of Signal, the one selection I never leave home without as their Orbital Bombardment on the battlefield can be a game changer when used at the right time. Not sure why he needs binoculars, but hey ho... 

I got rid of most of my Rune Priests when I stared concentrating on 30k, but kept this guy for some reason. I never use them (dirty witches...).

And lastly this is my alternative Standard Bearer. His company title is Bearer of the Eternal Flame.

Thanks for looking.
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