Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Army Painting Challenge - Part 3

I've managed another day on my army painting challenge...

I've got a big game planned as part of mine and Rich's campaign so needed to focus on the Grey Slayers, so that I'd at least have a fully painted, fully legal army that I could field, but I have done bits on other units too.

Progress this month is in red (and all red elements of all models are now painted!), blue is activities already finished

The list for painting
20 Grey Slayers with close combat weapons - nearly finished the detailing on all units
20 Grey Slayers with bolters - dry brushed armour highlights and based
20 assault marines - dry brushed armour highlights and based
11 16 terminators - dry brushed armour highlights and based - five more have been added, which I'm painting for a friend
1 Forge Lord (Iron Priest) - dry brushed armour highlights and based
4 heavy weapons guys - dry brushed armour highlights and based
1 Spartan assault tank - dry brushed armour highlights
5 Death Sworn - dry brushed armour highlights and based
10 Tactical support squad with plasma guns - finished
5 Tactical support troops with rotor cannons - finished
Rhino APC
7 Boarding marines - detailing started
Fellblade - base coated, dry brushed and nearly finished detailing.
Storm Eagle - re-based (and now sold)
Land speeder - re-based
5 heavy weapons guys - re-based
Contemptor dreadnought
Leviathan dreadnought

Nothing new completely finished since my last update, other than those two dreadnoughts (I'm easily distracted!).

Since the last update I have been gaming a lot more and went to Warhammer Fest, which was fantastic, so I feel like my hobby mojo is well and truly back on track. Now I'm just getting distracted by Shadow Wars: Armageddon, which I shouldn't be... no... must resist!

Let me know how you're doing with your own challenges.

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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Warhammer Fest 2017 - Round-up

What a great experience today has been! Can't say I've been to a better Games Workshop event since the days of Games Day at the NEC. I met a lot of new people and put faces to names, as well as reaffirming old friendships. I also managed to miss some of the people I wanted to say hi too, sorry about that!

I've posted up a lot of photos here, here and here but thought I should post up the news and stories I collected throughout the day also.

First up, we cannot go any further without mentioning the sad news of Alan Bligh's passing. He was too young and a brilliant mind; life just isn't fair sometimes. Warhammer World is my local gaming venue, so I often saw Alan around, sometimes chatted briefly, but I didn't know him personally. What I can say though is that Alan's work had a huge influence on my hobby experience over many years, particularly since the development of the Age of Darkness rule set and Horus Heresy gaming truly began. With Alan gone it feels like the heart has been ripped from the game at the moment. I'm no good at these sorts of things so I'll leave it there...

First up was a bit of kit bashing in the bitz box challenge. I love these challenges and am always torn between trying to make the coolest model possible and trying to snaffle as many cool bits for my own bitz box in the 30 minutes provided!

Forge World
Then we had to rush up 3 flights of stairs for the Forge World seminar. What did we learn today?
  • The new Thunderhawk is resin. And it looks cool as hell! I asked the gent who designed it if they had considered making it from plastic and he answered honestly that they had but for a number of reasons it just wasn't possible. It doesn;t cost much more than the previous one and you can see that it now fits in nicely with the Stormbird, Mastodon and other FW vehicles.
  • Big News! 30k is sticking with 7th edition rules, or at least a tweaked version, and will have it's own rule book coming out in a few months. FW did say that they would still be working closely with the 40k development team so I suspect at some point in the future they will join up again.
  • Valdor is the next 'primarch' miniature. Not a primarch but he is a big character.
  • Sisters of Silence have some cool vehicles and upgrades coming.
  • I asked if Forge World were planning to release some storm shields for Grey Slayers and while they didn't say yes or no, Tony did say that some ool upgrades were coming for the Wolves soon.

Primaris Marines and 8th
We got speaking to Jes Goodwin about the new miniatures and it was a really fascinating chat about their development. Apparently they've been working on these for over 3 years. That Guilliman miniature that came out this year was originally conceived nearly 4 years ago! These changes have been a long time coming and that alone gives me more confidence that we won't just see standard Space Marines wiped from the table. How many kits have been released in that period? Why would they continue to do that if they knew they would eventually be redundant?

The kits themselves don't look as interchangeable as standard Space Marines. The torso and legs are connected for one. What Aly did say though was that every future Primaris kit is likely to be a little bit different, that the kits already have a lot of variation (explaining why there was no 'Mk. 9', because it is already there in the mix!).

What was really nice to see was some of the staff I have seen working at Warhammer World in the past now have jobs in the design team or as artists or as diorama builders. Developing staff like that is really important in my profession so it is great to see a company as creative and as large as Games Workshop also doing that.

First I was chatting to Mark Holmes who was standing idly 'doodling' an orc head. I hate people that talented! And told him so, haha. Seriously, he is talented and could probably draw amazing things in his sleep. Looking forward to seeing some of his painted miniatures, if they are as good as his art they will blow us away.

I then spoke to Kevin Chin. Man that guy is talented and really humble. Seeing what was essentially Manga 40k as I flicked through his sketch book was making me want new tattoos all over my body. Which is a coincidence as he said he used to design tattoos for his friends. Kevin, if you are reading this please drop me an email, I need you to draw me a tattoo!

I'm still in two minds: 8th edition sounds awesome and now I'm not getting it! So there's no change, so I should be happy, but I don't think I am... arghh!

Today has been fun though, and I'll definitely be there again next year. What has your experience been today? I didn't get to all of the seminars so have I missed anything?


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Warhammer Fest 2017 - Photos 2

Photo dump of today's photos - please check back as I'll be updating these throughout the day

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Warhammer Fest 2017 - Forge World Seminar

Photo dump of today's photos - please check back as I'll be updating these throughout the day

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