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30k and 8th Edition - some thoughts...

I had plans to do some sort of review of everything we knew about 8th edition so far, but so many others, the Warhammer Community page in particular, have already done this much better than I could. So I just wanted to share some of my own thoughts...

The Miniatures
Being a 30k player, my biggest worry was that I've spent a lot of money on resin marines over the last 5 years. When you add it up, a squad of resin marines from Forge World is about twice the price of a plastic 40k tactical squad (if not more...). Yes, we have the two box sets now, packed with plastic 30k goodness, but that doesn't change the fact that a lot of us who got into 30k right at the beginning had already invested a lot of time and money in buying resin for our armies (some of us still have quite a lot of it left to paint...). So, my biggest fear was that suddenly all my miniatures will be superseded by the bigger, better Primaris Marines.

However, you've seen the fluff saying that the Primaris Marines definitely didn't exist in 30k. But that still doesn't allay everyone's fears, so I emailed Forge World and asked them that question. Here's the response I received:

Thanks for the email, Essentially this means nothing for the Horus Heresy games system.

The important thing to take note is that the primaris space marines are not true scale space marines, they are simply a different kind of space marine in a new mark of armour, these will not be replacing regular space marines as many customers have speculated .

Much like terminators and centurions the Primaris space marines are just another variant of space marine with unique rules and wargear to be used in conjunction with your current collection .

Following the lore of the Primaris these only came about very recently after Guilliman returned in the 41st millennium long, long after the heresy conflict had ended so the Primaris marines were not around during the age of darkness.
No one has to replace any miniatures unless they would like to for their own personal preference as again to be as clear as I can, the Primaris space marines are not taking the place of regular marines they are simply a different breed of marines in the 40k universe. As far as we are aware the primaris space marines will not be getting rules to use in the games in The Age of Darkness.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get back in touch

That's the best I can hope for in terms of reassurance I guess...

The Game
I think all of us can agree that a game of 40k takes too long. 30k is designed for bigger points values so can take even longer, so I am all in favour of speeding things up.

Nothing I have seen in the Games Workshop previews to date has got me worried. It all sounds good, like it is a little bit more realistic (charging from all vehicles), and a lot quicker. No more looking up three tables to resolve things. Having the units rules included on their data sheet rather than trying to find universal special rules which then need to be modified anyway, sounds very good to me.

I'm hoping 8th is adopted for 30k pretty soon. Some say you need the granularity in the rules for a more complex game, but I'd argue chess has pretty basic rules and is massively tactical, why can't 40k be the same?

The Starter Box
We got an announcement from Games Workshop themselves today!

The box set looks like excellent value, assuming it sells for the same price as recent box games (£90-£95?). If I was  40k player I'd be lapping this up.

I'm not sure about the assault marines...

The Primaris Marines would make great conversions for Alpharius/Omegon, who was just a little bit bigger than a normal marine.
The plague marines look fantastic too. Some great quality sculpts in this box.

In summary you can see I'm conflicted. I like the sound of the rules update but I don't want to have to replace my entire army but I like the look of the new marines...

What are you guy thinking?

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