Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Army Painting Challenge - Part 3

I've managed another day on my army painting challenge...

I've got a big game planned as part of mine and Rich's campaign so needed to focus on the Grey Slayers, so that I'd at least have a fully painted, fully legal army that I could field, but I have done bits on other units too.

Progress this month is in red (and all red elements of all models are now painted!), blue is activities already finished

The list for painting
20 Grey Slayers with close combat weapons - nearly finished the detailing on all units
20 Grey Slayers with bolters - dry brushed armour highlights and based
20 assault marines - dry brushed armour highlights and based
11 16 terminators - dry brushed armour highlights and based - five more have been added, which I'm painting for a friend
1 Forge Lord (Iron Priest) - dry brushed armour highlights and based
4 heavy weapons guys - dry brushed armour highlights and based
1 Spartan assault tank - dry brushed armour highlights
5 Death Sworn - dry brushed armour highlights and based
10 Tactical support squad with plasma guns - finished
5 Tactical support troops with rotor cannons - finished
Rhino APC
7 Boarding marines - detailing started
Fellblade - base coated, dry brushed and nearly finished detailing.
Storm Eagle - re-based (and now sold)
Land speeder - re-based
5 heavy weapons guys - re-based
Contemptor dreadnought
Leviathan dreadnought

Nothing new completely finished since my last update, other than those two dreadnoughts (I'm easily distracted!).

Since the last update I have been gaming a lot more and went to Warhammer Fest, which was fantastic, so I feel like my hobby mojo is well and truly back on track. Now I'm just getting distracted by Shadow Wars: Armageddon, which I shouldn't be... no... must resist!

Let me know how you're doing with your own challenges.

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