Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Space Wolves Contemptor No.3

Hey hey,

just thought I'd share some pictures of the 3rd contemptor dreadnought that I've painted up as part of my Furies of the Ancients army. There will be 8 in total, so five more to go!

I used the Death Guard contemptor as the base. I really like that miniature so have been eying it up for a while. With 8 dreadnoughts in total, I need a bit of variety too, and this is probably the easiest Legion specific dreadnought to convert as it is fairly devoid of Death Guard symbols.

The decals are a mixture of the Forge World and Games Workshop Space Wolves decal sheets, plus a couple from the Luna Wolves sheet.

I took the arms from the plastic contemptor mini. One is as standard and the other I cut at the elbow and span round 180 degrees to give me a left armed version. Easy peasy.

As I said, I need 5 more contemptors (anyone want to donate any? no? ok then...), so I think I'll buy two more plastic ones, two of the new Space Wolves ones and then either another plain resin one or the fancy relic resin one... to be decided.

And a family photo so far...

Anyway, I hope you like them, and as usual comments are welcome.

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