Friday, 26 May 2017

Space Wolves Heavy Weapons Squad

Here is the second of my heavy weapons squads. Just got the heavy flamer dudes to finish now: a 10 man heavy weapons squad. 5 with 'heresy' missile launchers, 5 with '40k' missile launchers, although anything goes in the Horus Heresy and I prefer the 40k variant (which is also shown in Collected Visions, so it's 'legal').

These guys needed two more men and re-basing for completion, so not a lot to do, but I took the opportunity to update icons and weathering to blend them in to the rest of the army.

Whether resin or plastic, that 30k back banner is annoying! Every single one I have used has snapped, either during the build or after I've finished painting it and put it in the box... grrrrr. A long time ago I decided that only my heavy weapons squads would have banners, they're the guys least likely to have to get in and out of tanks so the only practical option. So glad I made that decision...

Just got the heavy flamer guys to finish off now and then that's me done for heavy weapons. At some point in the future I might add another squad of missile launchers... at some point...
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  1. They look fantastic dude, top work :) I am with you on the banners too, massive pain in the arse to be honest, plus they always feel like a 'shoot this guy here' sign to me...

    1. Haha exactly. May as well put a target on him!