Sunday, 14 May 2017

Space Wolves Spartan No.1

This post is s but if a rehash as I originally posted this on Four Dads some time back. But I'm about to finish off my second Spartan so wanted to post this for completeness.
Without further ado I present to you my Vlka Fenryka Spartan, vehicle No. 229 (my legion tanks get numbers, not names. like most equipment during the great crusade, tanks were disposable and often didn't live long enough to earn a name, never mind a saga of their own).
Finishing touches included dry-brushingthe gold and silver elements, adding weathering powder all around, painting the lights in a similar fashion to the glow I used on my jump packs (I just wanted to see if it worked. And it certainly looks different to the way I used to paint lights and lenses, let me know what you think).
In terms of pack markings and kill markings I have done two things:
Firstly I added the red 'jags' that I have been applying to all my vehicles using masking tape and a sponge.
The secondly, I added some icons from the new Space Wolves transfer sheet. The problem I found with these is that my painting style is dark and dirty and those decals, particularly the golds and reds, are SUPER SHINY BRIGHT!!! I went round with weathering power after they were set and toned them down a bit.

My colour scheme is pretty simple: grey, gold, red and brown. Lots of Agrax Earthshade, lots of sponged on mud and chipping. I think I'm fairly happy with the way the tracks have turned out. Believe it or not there's a total of 4 different shades of brown applied there, including the textured paint, weathering powder and wash. I didn't want one dimensional mud, I wanted some depth and realism (man, that's a long sentence about painting mud!!)

What I don't want is my 30k wolves to be as blingy as their 40k counterparts. I've always said that 40k is for kids and 30k is for the adults. What I mean by that is that it's slightly more realistic looking, less cartoony. More akin to painting model soldiers like your granddad would have. More serious (if that word can be applied to a fantasy space soldier board game). I don't know if anyone else agrees with that?
What do you think of these new SWs transfers? I think the details look pretty good. I think the one below was designed for a door or banner. I stuck it on the door. My only issue is that the red of the transfer isn't as muted as the red of my pack markings. I've applied some weathering powder over to dull it down a bit but I don't think it's helped that much. Still looks pretty cool though.
This prancing wolf icon is also from the new sheet. Quite big so thought I'd put it on the door. The photo makes it look like it's off-centre to the golden relief but its not.
You can also see the brown weathering powder around the hull adjacent to the wheels, and black soot weathering powder around the vents.
Have I raved about Tester's Dullcote enough in other posts yet?! I used that again on this tank after everything was finished and I just can't believe how useable it is. The day I sprayed it, it was a bit humid. If I'd used GW's Purity Seal on that sort of day I guarantee some form of frosting. this stuff went on like a dream, no frosting, no loss of detail. Any can's of Purity Seal I find lying around are going in the bin. I wish I'd found this stuff 10 years ago, so much heartache could have been saved!!
Anyway, that's me done with this one. Time to crack on with Spartan No.2...
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  1. Lovely dirty grubby 'grown up' suitable for 30k, I agree with your sentiments of 30k/40k. Maybe I should branch out to 30k now I'm old...

    1. 'Veteran' the term is 'veteran' ;-)