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TT Combat Scenery Review

Where to start...

I have been looking at playing Strike Force, which is a Kill Team type game for 30k. Rules are contained in the Victory is Vengeance campaign in HH Book 3. I played a few games using standard 40k scenery but what you really need is a bit of height due to the smaller 4x4 board. In essence, it's much like the recently released Shadow Wars: Armagedon.

I love that new plastic scenery but I can't really afford to drop a huge chunk of cash on new scenery these days. So, I started looking around and remember seeing some cool pictures from Adeptacon this year, eventually coming to TT Combat's range of laser cut wood scenery.

I decided on the Industrial Hive range, and purchased 2 Large Industrial Platforms and an Industrial Office.

It was dead easy to build (my toddler helped me with the PVA glue) and feels sturdy once built. I can tell you from this experience that you have to be pretty rough with it before it breaks (again, tested by toddler).

Image result for large industrial platform TTcombat# Image result for industrial office TTcombat

The Platforms give the game a lot of height, whilst the legs and supports provide blockers to lines of sight. It's absolutely what I was looking for and works really well in games.

I think going forward I am going to get another Industrial Platform and some of the separate walkways, to really give the table a Necromunda feel (just not this month as I want to treat myself to that nice looking Space Wolves contemptor that has just been released...). The Platforms are 12 inches in diameter, so three of these and some walkways should fill up the 4x4 board nicely without making it feel too cramped.

A note that the game mat is from @leodisgames, I think you can find them on Facebook too), and is great quality. I'll certainly be purchasing one soon...

I've left all the walkways free so that I can switch things around. I'm not sure you would glue these to the platform or office anyway. There are so many combinations you could create. Plus it makes it easier to store, which is another big consideration in my house...

I couldn't decide if I should paint it, but the burnt effect on the wood from where the laser has cut it actually gives it a really pleasing, almost weathered look anyway. Plus the brown/cream is a good contrast to my Space Wolves, which are predominantly grey. If I painted the scenery silver I'd lose them in every game. So, I'm leaving it as it is.

There are lots of other nice pieces too, I'm particularly looking at the crates and generators to provide some scatter terrain. If I could ask for anything it would be for some more of the grated walkways that come with the Industrial Platform, they really look nice and I prefer them to the panelled.

I just thought you guys might be interested in these, especially now SW:A has been released and everyone will be looking for this type of scenery. I cannot recommend it highly enough, both on price and quality.

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