Thursday, 25 May 2017

Weekly Update - 25/05/17

Hello hello, how are you all? Been up to much hobby this week?

I've done a bit on my Grey Slayer squad, which I need to finish for the second game against Rich for our 30k campaign on the 18th June. The terminators you can also see on that table, I'm painting for a friend. I'm fairly confident I can finish this lot in time!

I've also been building this buggy which I got from Zinge Industries. I'll do a proper post once I've got it built and painted but I'm thinking it will be a nice scenery piece in my Shadow Wars / Strike Force / Kill Team games, but part of me thinks it would be a great alternative to a Space Marine attack bike.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of starting a SW:A campaign with another friend. I haven't even looked at the rules for this yet but I'll buy the book this weekend and take a look before Wednesday. I've heard only good things about it and it seems really popular at the local games club in Notts. This should give me an excuse to paint something completely different from my Wolves, but I only need 5-10 models. I'm thinking I'm jumping on the band wagon and painting up some Squats!
Arkanaut Company
I've been thinking a bit more about my dreadnought army and wondered if, as I'm aiming for 12 dreads in total, would it be worth considering megnetising the arms so that I have even more options?I've never done it before, so does anyone have any tips? What size do I need for dreadnought arms?Alchemists Workshops have just got some magnets in stock (I don't even know where else I'd buy them, where do you get tiny magnets?!) which I thought about picking up next time I'm passing.

Lastly, my mates over at the Four Dads of the Apocalypse have finally got their blog game back on and have posted a couple of times this week. Make sure you check the blog out, it even mentions my holiday to Butlins last week... (fun times being a dad... I joke, I wouldn't change it for the world!).

That's if from me this week. But expect a lot of pictures from Warhammer Fest this weekend. I cannot wait! Anyone else going? Make sure you say hi if you see me.

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