Monday, 8 May 2017

White Dwarf 40th Birthday Miniature - Unboxed

I've always liked the White Dwarf miniatures, but this one really caught my eye. Me and my mate Rich have been talking about making objective markers, so this little guy would be ideal for that, some sort of Squat tech specialist. Aside from that, I'll add him to my Shattered Legions force I think, again, as a tech specialist.

The box comes with a nice set of instructions, but to be honest, this is quite a simple and intuitive model to put together.

The set comes with two basing options; a 50mm scenic base with a cake and some presents; and a 25mm one for gaming.

I didn't bother with either, opting for a 32mm base to go with the rest of my Space Marine force.

You can see that he's resin, not plastic, but the quality of the cast is superb, next to no mould lines and no bubbles or imperfections. My only quibble is that the lines in the barrel on his backpack don't quite line up. But overall, a great cast miniature.

To embed the little fella into my army I made him a tiny Mk3 chainsword using the Burning of Prospero plastics. It was pretty easy to chop a chunk out of the middle and glue/green stuff it back together. Once attached I think I got the proportions just about right!

And here he is, stuck together next to some sort of computer terminal he's about to hack... after a quick swig of Bugmans xxxxx of course!

I also added a holstered bolt pistol so that he has at least two legal weapons...

Did you guys get your hands on him? What are you going to use him for?

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