Thursday, 29 June 2017

Games Night at Warhammer World - 28/06/2017

Usually on a Wednesday if I'm playing a game it'll be down at the local wargames club in Notts, but this week I arranged to meet Gav at Warhammer World for a game of 40k.

We managed to book the Mining Facility 42 gaming table. I've been desperate to play a game on this table since it was built, it just looks so nice. I think it would have been better suited to a game of Shadow Wars (although it's size suggests you want more than two players if you're going down that route) but it was still fun.

Obviously neither of us took any tanks! I decided to take a lot of assault troops with jump packs to jump around the multiple levels. Gav had some space elves with wings that could do something similar. My tactical squads didn't even get 12 inches into the board by Turn 3 due to the constant level changes but their 24" range allowed them to get a few meaningful shots off.

We only managed 3 Turns before getting kicked out at closing time, but that was 3 turns with sizable forces that we were still learning the rules of, in one an hour. Which again shows how much quicker the new edition of 40k is. Once again it was good fun and we even made a new (does second time round count as new?) convert to the game!

Whilst I was at WhW I saw a huge 30k game going off next to us, which included several titans, including a Warlord! (if this is yours, feel free to let us know what your plans are for painting that beast).

I also got to take a look in the cabinets at some of the staff armies which I'm sure we've all been following on Twitter.


And that's about it for hobby from me this week. I've got a lot on my plate at work at the moment, so hobby time is limited, but it was good to escape for an evening...

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Armoured Crates - Review

First off, I believe this set is real evidence of Games Workshop listening to the fans. Ever since Forge World built a display at Warhammer World featuring a dock yard with a lot of crates, there was a call for Forge World to release them as miniatures. I know these are not exactly the same but they are close enough and they have been a real hit by all accounts. They were even nominated for miniature of the year in White Dwarf last year!

The kit itself was really easy and simple to put together. I did all of this in an hour's worth of lunch breaks (2 lunch breaks). It comes with come good instructions but is actually quite intuitive.

Not sure why you can choose to mount a storm bolter on them... they don't stack then... how impractical for a shipping container! I haven't bothered with these. not until I see a Maersk container with those on them will I be gluing them on...

For the price tag of £30 (or £23 if you know where to look) this set is really good value, especially considering the amount of scenery you actually get. One set will be perfectly fine for a game of Shadow War, and 2 for a full game of 30k when combined with some larger pieces. I've brought this for games of Shadow War, but painted the set specifically for my Armies on Parade entry later in the year.

Painting couldn't have been easier either. I've sponged mine to get a nice weathered effect. They're not finished yet but I'll be working on them as part of my Armies on Parade entry later in the year. These things are utilitarian and I can't imagine they are ever pristine for long (although why, after 10,000 years of development we haven't come up with a better paint protection system I do not know... one that actually stays on!).

I've seen others use half a container to make Space Hulk themed dioramas, which is something I would have liked to do, but after my last disastrous attempt at a diorama I'll give that a miss...

So, these have been out in the wild for a while now, what have you guys done with yours?

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

First Game of 8th 40k

I've got to admit, it's been about 5 years since I last played straight up 40k. I've been playing 30k throughout that time as it just seemed more straight forward and also because I love the fluff. So, it was a bit of a surprise to find myself playing 40k last night at the local gaming club...

In summary, I can say that I really enjoyed it. The rules seem fresh, yet familiar. The game was quicker than usual, slicker you could say and it was easier to negotiate around the rules. The fact that the core rules are 12 pages long and then all special rules are on the unit's data sheets really sped things up.

When you get into the actual game, you realise that many of the weapons and units still behave the same but have been tweaked, looking up tables has been removed, as has the use of templates, which made a noticeable difference to the smoothness of playing and the time it took to resolve shooting and combat.

We played an ad hoc '30 power' game. We chose not to get into the nitty gritty of points because we just wanted to see how the game played really. The game felt pretty balanced, it 'looked' like we had the right amount of troops on the table.

The psychic phase is much much quicker and we felt that the end result was similar to 7th edition in terms of casualties inflicted.

The moral phase was brutal, but again saved time because we didn't have to worry about (or forget) taking moral tests and moving units slowly back off the board. They either made it or they didn't. I can see this being particularly awful for hoard armies...

We just played a 4x4 size game with a small amount of cover so that we could try every aspect of the game. There was a good chance we would get to try shooting and close combat.

One word of advice - check every rule for everything. Don't make assumptions. Everything does feel familiar but everything has changed. There were a few instances where we thought we knew how a rule or piece of equipment or a psychic power worked, and it didn't, and it cost us both in different ways.

Overall I think I will be playing again. The game is as improved as I was hoping and there's nothing I don't really like about the rules yet. Again, I'm sad that 30k isn't joining the 8th band wagon, if any version of the game could use a sped up, approximate power rating using rule set, that is ideal for friendly fluffy games it is the behemoth that is 30k.

PS - the Eldar won, which is further evidence that the game is a little bit more balanced than it has been.

What do you think so far?

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Monday, 19 June 2017

Grey Slayers Squad

Hello! I'm conscious it's been a little while since I actually posted some hobby content. Got a few technical issues (read "toddler issues") at home so it's been a bit hard to get the paints out recently (me: it's bedtime. Toddler: no daddy, the sun's still up, it's morning time. Me: I have no answer to that...)

But here you go, finally, I have a legal, fully painted army... well, my whole collection isn't painted yet but everything I need to field a legitimate force is, with the completion of this, my first Grey Slayer squad.

I must admit to was a bit of a push to get these guys converted after the release of Book 7 and painted in time for their first game, but I did it!

I'm also having issues with getting the light box out, so please forgive the unusually dodgy photos...

There's 20 guys in total, I've photographed them in 5-man squads for better pictures.

This is one of my favourite conversions this year...

There's 10 power swords in the squad. At 5pts a piece, why wouldn't you?!

The rivets on that guys chest are the first that I've painted. I applied the raised rivet decals from here, and then dry brushed them. They are too small to pick out in gold really (for my eyes anyway...).

And the sergeant has a power fist... because it looks cool...

There's a real mix of armour marks in this squad with Mks , 3, 4, 5 and 6 featuring. You'll notice there's a couple of guys still on smaller bases too. I stuck them together a while back. I love kit bashing and you'll find bits from all of Forge World's armour mark ranges, every Space Wolf upgrade set available and a couple of other Space Marine kits (you ever tried to find 10 power swords at short notice?!).

I've also experimented with these Games Workshop tufts of grass

Wait, I lied, there's two guys with axes and 8 with power swords...

These guys will obviously be Grey Slayers in 30k, Blood Claws in 40k and Veterans in Betrayal at Calth/Burning of Prospero.

I've got another 20-man squad to do, all with bolters. Between the two that will give me a lot of flexibility when putting together my Grey Slayer squads.  I've tried these guys out in-game and they are really good. The fact that they can move, shoot/run and then assault means they get up close and personal really fast. I played Strike Force (30k Kill Team) a few times and that ability was a massive bonus on a 4x4 board.

Comments welcome as usual.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Shadow Wars Update 09/06/2017

So, since my first game a couple of weeks ago I've been reading the rules and procrastinating about which army to choose... should it be more marines (of the chaos kind), should it be an Inquisitor war band (Blanchitsu style), should it be...

Then Gav posted a picture of his purchase on Twitter and I realised I need to make a choice... and quick!

I was really impressed with these kits. I've not played with anything other than Space Marines for a long time so seeing the versatility and detail on these guys was impressive.

From the two box sets I figured that I could actually make at least 1 of every option in the Skitarii force. There are 5 Rust Stalkers, and 5 Rust Stalkers options so I planned to make one of each. As I was sticking them together though I decided against that and actually doubled up on one of the options.

From the 10 Rangers, I started building 1 Alpha, 2 Special Weapons guys, 6 troops (which can be normal troops or new recruits, they have the same basic weapons options) and converted a Tech Priest using bits from both boxes and some imagination...

I've been thinking about Mechanicum for a while but couldn't find a reason to start collecting them. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I don't want to paint them red though... nope. I've already got a grey and red army, and silver and red wouldn't be that different. So I'm going to paint them blue.

While I was waiting for them to arrive, I have built and undercoated some armoured crates (post to follow once they're painted...) so that we have some more scenery. Although I think we're getting there now.

How is your war on Armageddon going?

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

8th Edition Overview - How will the phases effect 30k?

Today I wanted to take a look at the phases in more detail, with an eye again to adopting them for 30k. Just adopting the phase cycle itself will speed up the game dramatically. Lets take a look:

1. Movement Phase
This is an interesting change. Units have their movement distance on their data card. Units with different movement makes sense in the 'real world', with Eldar now moving further (i.e. faster) than Orks, for instance.
Combining movement with 'advancing' or running also makes sense. Gamers have been doing that ever since the 'run' ability appeared (6th edition?), no it is just legal, and is something obviously trialled in the box games we've had over the last year or so.
Disembarking from vehicles at the beginning of the turn is a bit annoying. I hope that assault vehicles have a special rule where it can move before units jump out and attack, otherwise it's not very assaulty.

2. Psychic Phase
I like the changes here. Each player gets just two dice. I imagine the players get modifiers depending on how many psychers they have, but it should be a lot more balanced. The despair-filled days of 13 dice to 1, with no chance of defence are gone... this could really help balance 30k Magnus out.

3. Shooting Phase
Shooting hasn't really changed other than everyone can shoot and everything can hurt everything. the use of modifiers and having the stats on the data card, eliminating tables and templates, should really speed this phase up. Again, these are changes that we saw trialled in Betrayal at Calth and Burning of Prospero, and they work. You will still be killing just as many (or few) enemies as before. Yes 40 lasgun shots to a tank might now hurt it, but that's how sustained fire works in real life.
Pay close attention to the 'hit' and 'damage' values. A weapon might have high damage but only hits once, such as a lascannon. Great for taking out multi-wound targets but not so good against hoards.

4. Charge Phase
This is an interesting one, because you don't actually even need to charge now. If you are within 1" of an enemy you are automatically in combat. Watch out for sneaky moves where shooting attacks that prohibit charging don't actually stop you from getting into combat.
The fact that you can leave combat at will now, on the roll of a dice, is also interesting. Essentially everyone has the Hit and Run rule.
Overwatch is still here, which is good, and still hitting on 6's.

5. Fight Phase
Has not really changed apart from the removal of the tables. Pile in is up to 3" now (was it 2" before?). Now you can choose which melee weapon you want to use AND split your attacks between them, so the days of power fists and power sword combinations are here!
A big difference is that units have a attack value, it's not based on the number of weapons they have. So having a pistol and close combat weapon doesn't give you an extra attack any more. You have what is on the data card plus any bonuses for charging, or special rules.

6. Moral Phase
Moral is leadership y another name. The big news here is that the unit loses additional members equal to the value they lost the roll by. They don't fall back, but they could be destroyed outright!

Overall I see a lot of change but at the same time not a lot of change. The mechanics and wording are different and should speed things up, but the overall the game still works the same way.

In Summary
I think we'll see much quicker games and I can't see why any of this couldn't be ported over to 30k wholesale, the rearrangement of the phases doesn't really affect the balance. I suspect the real reason we'll be waiting for a transition to 8th is because all the black books will need a slight re-write. It's true that Fore World can just update the Red Books, but you can't keep selling significantly out of date Black Books that contain rule no longer supported.

My mate Rich and I are gonna have a couple of small comparison games using 7th and 8th edition rules in a couple of 30k games to see how much difference it actually makes. Will keep you posted!

If you are still looking for a copy of 8th Edition before the weekend, I believe Alchemists Workshops might still have one or two hiding in the corner... - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k - Get in touch on Twitter: @davetgent

Monday, 12 June 2017

David Guymer Interview

This week I have another fantastic interview for your reading pleasure.

Looking at the Black Library catalogue, David Guymer has a growing number of titles to his name, covering pretty much every aspect of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40k universe, including well known names such as Gotrek 7 Felix and The Beast Arises series. I'm sure you'll be as interested as I was to know what inspired him to become a Black Library author and how he balances that with family life and hobby time...

The Eye of Medusa

You are one of the few writers that write both Warhammer 40k and Fantasy novels, do you have a favourite? Did you play these games before you started writing about them?

Well I don’t think I’d want to do either to the exclusion of the other, but if I had to pick a favourite then I’d pick Fantasy. 

It was Warhammer Fantasy (4th edition) that first got me into the hobby, and even after picking up Warhammer 40,000 my old school gang never got into it in the same way. The exception was Necromunda – we took to that in a big way! I still play it now. More than that though, I do think of myself more as a Fantasy writer than an SF writer or even just ‘a writer’. I find that I can wing it a little bit with Fantasy. As a scientist by trade I make more of an effort with 40K when it comes to getting the details right. Guy Haley (a great SF writer) once said that he likes to have at least one piece of genuine science in each of his books. Guy’s 40K books are undoubtedly a good deal better than mine, but you’ll find more genuine science than that over here!

Did you spend a lot of time hobbying before you had kids? What have been the biggest changes to your hobby time since they came along?

I started when I was 12. I remember that because the lead blisters had age limit 13 printed on the back and collecting Warhammer felt like sticking something to The Man. I collected Skaven. My friend collected Chaos Dwarfs. The two races, incidentally, featured in White Dwarf 182. Impressionable or what.

In addition to about 15,000 points of skaven, my Imperial Guard, Blood Bowl team, etc, etc, I collected and played the Star Trek CCG and did a lot of roleplay, predominantly WFRP and later World of Darkness.

No geek stone was left unturned.

I dropped out of pretty much everything though when I went to university, mainly because I couldn’t cart 15,000 points of skaven from Lowestoft to Aberystwyth. I did managed to pick up again after I graduated, but never quite with the same breadth or scale.

The main difference since my daughter came along (she’s 3 now) is my approach to the hobby. The main enjoyment I used to take from it was in anal army design (not power-gaming, just the simple pleasure of figuring out where that spare seven and a half points could go…), with actual battles coming a close second. My models were rarely painted. Now it’s more difficult for me to find a free afternoon or an actual person to play against, so I devote most of my hobby time now to assembling and painting. 

It’s worth noting that the GW kits are a lot more complex than they were when I was 12! And I do still enjoy pouring over Army Books and devising imaginary armies.

Ikit Claw - my first ever miniature 
How do you find the time to do the day job, look after the family and still get a bit of hobby time in?

You want the dark secret. Well come close. Closer. The secret is…

The secret is I really don’t find the time. Not nearly as much I’d like anyway. If I’ve made my word target for the week and I’m happy with the quality, then I’ll do a little painting over the weekend. Family commitments permitting. The last time I properly gamed though was when my parents organised a family holiday – me, my sister and her boyfriend naturally all packed our Necromunda gangs!

Does your daughter get involved with the hobby? Did you encourage her to?

My daughter was certainly fascinated by the Necromunda table on that trip, but she’s a little young yet to embrace the magic. I’ve read to her from Malus Darkblade and taken her to GW stories when I do signings and tried to sneak Warhammer Armies: Skaven into her hands, but nothing’s quite sunk in yet.

What’s the best thing about your daughter's involvement from your point of view?

She likes to play with the Ikit Claw and Headsplitter miniatures that I keep on my desk alongside a 4-star dragonball and a massive to-read pile as writing mascots. That’s kind of… sweet, even if she’s going to snap Ikit’s banner pole one of these days.

Headsplitter - moved onto my desk as a writing mascot when I started the Blood Bowl story 'Last Sniff of Glory' and remained there ever since
Did you always want to be a Black Library author?
It was never something I’d imagined I could do.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer, although in hindsight the pre-requisites were always there. Massive geek. Voracious reader. The germ of an idea and the desire to write it didn’t come to me until I was 22-23 and working towards my PhD (Microbiology, in case anyone’s interested) and it was several years after that, after months of unemployment, that I made a start on that fantasy novel. That particular gift to the world remains unfinished, but I think I owe it to myself to get back to it one day

I discovered the Black Library submission window by chance. A random googling took me to Bill King’s blog and a link, which I followed. I saw there were just 2 weeks still open and almost gave up thinking that wasn’t nearly enough time, but then just sat down and wrote the damned thing and, crucially, submitted it.

I’ve been massively fortunate.

Games Workshop is one of the three universes that shaped me.

All I need now is for Forgotten Realms to produce more fiction, the publishers of the Star Trek novels to start responding to my e-mails, and I’ll really consider myself lucky

Why do you think we and our kids still love traditional wargames, considering the ever increasing popularity off electronic games? It’s not like 40k is ‘pick up and play’ when you have to buy, assemble and paint he miniatures before you can even play a game…

I’ve sunk about (checking my Steam account…) 92 hours into Total War: Warhammer and am still trying to club together enough people for a Blood Bowl 2 league (Seriously, contact me on Facebook or Twitter if you’re interested) so this is a question I can’t answer.

My guess is that it’s a social thing. When you’re around a table, you’re not just playing against other human beings, you’re playing with them, with armies that you’ve bought and made and no online game can replicate that. There’s a reward in creating an army, or painting a really spectacular character, and even after twenty years of gaming there’s still nothing like seeing two hand-painted armies lined up across a terrain-covered board, ready to do battle.

My Necromunda gang - or those of them who are fully painted... (note the Catachan sergeant!)

Who is your favourite character in any of your novels and why?
This is probably the toughest question you could ask. Every book comes with its own favourites so it’s difficult to look beyond the last book or my current work in progress and be objective.

I think though that my favourite character is one who takes the plot out of my hands and does his own thing, regardless of what I had in mind. So that would be Gotrek and Queek. 

I always remember this one scene in Headtaker where the Sharpwit character is trying to persuade Queek of the need to do a particular thing, because his plan is awesome, but what that really is was me trying to persuade Queek of the need to do this particular thing. Characters like that will force you, the writer, to stop and think at times, but they’ll almost write themselves at others, and your books will be a wilder and less predictable ride for them being in it.

Just read Headtaker and find out what I mean.

Many thanks for your time David.

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Saturday, 10 June 2017

8th Edition Overview - and what could 30k adopt straight away?

I know, I know, not another one of those blogs, right? There are plenty of people posting reviews of 8th, but I wanted to add my own, particularly with regard to what 30k could take away from 8th even if we are sticking with 7th for now.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the rule book a little early (that's what games clubs are for right?), in advance of release day (or night, if you're opening your shop until 2am so customers can collect their order as soon as 8th is released, like these crazy guys in Chester... get down there for the party if you're in the vicinity!).

What follows is my view of what I like about 8th and what could be easily ported to 30k without upsetting the 7th edition rule set.

Power Rating
I like this. I like this a lot! Essentially each unit is assigned a power rating, which is the average strength of that unit considering all the options they could take. Ideal for large narrative games where the granularity of six 20-man tactical squads isn't so important. This could easily be adopted, if not always used. Personally when having our annual large battle at Four Dads HQ, adopting this army selection style would be ideal. We're always a couple of points either way anyway.

I'm a little bit sad that templates are going away. I've been using templates ever since first plating Space Hulk around 1991. I guessed this might be happening though, none of the boxed games since Betrayal at Calth have had templates, which in my mind showed GW were thinking of ditching them and trying it out. Thankfully 30k still has templates but at the same time removing them and adopting the random allocation method would speed things up without effecting the game mechanics.

Wounds Vs Hull Points
In my mind these are pretty much the same thing anyway. A vehicle has X hull points is the same as saying the vehicle has X wounds. I know the granularity of the way weapons now work mean that a vehicle loses wounds slightly different to the way they lose hull points, but that's in the weapons domain, not the wording of lives/hull points. I saw a lot of people getting hung up on this in recent weeks and really it's just wording...

Data sheets
What a fantastic idea. All of a units rules are in one place. No flipping between books to find a specific special rule and how that rule is modified for that particular unit. Now it's all in one place. Even if 30k is not adopting 8th right now, Forge World could do worse than look at following this model when the Red Books are updated. This alone will speed to game up quite a bit.

Back in the day I loved playing Planet Strike, Cities of Death, etc. and now the rule book incorporates the rules for these expansions! That is fantastic in my opinion. The fact that the main rules are only 8 pages long, the fact there isn't 30 pages of 'universal' special rules (when were they ever universal?!), means there is bags of space in this tome for ideas on more interesting ways to play 40k. I like it a lot. And again, these could easily be translated into 30k, they are just suggestions after all and the rules given are not particularly effected by the rules for the unit. I.e. these expansions are separate to the rules to play 40k, which means they could be used for 30k too.

The fluff in this book is fantastic as always, and I'm not saying 30k could adopt the fluff. in fact I think it's going the other way in this case... all of a sudden the Ultramarines have 18 companies and Guilliman is leading about 15 different chapters in to battle. I don't think he likes the monster he created in enforcing the Codex Astartes and breaking the legions apart... I think big Robbie G wants his legion back! I'm not going to reveal too much because reading the fluff is one of my favourite bits of the hobby, and I want you guys to read it first hand.

The fluff for the Primaris Marines is still a bit meh. They've been on ice for 10,000 years and just happen to have thawed out on the exact day Robute wakes up? I realise we need some fluff to ease the pain of phasing 'standard' marines out... but... Who knows what will happen to 30k in this area. We don't have Primaris marines so I'm interested to see the fluff that phases our marines out in the future. The Primaris Marine miniatures do look fantastic though, I can't argue with that. The guys at Citadel have done a fantastic job with that sculpt.

All in all, I think it won't be long until we see 30k transition to 8th. Yes, Forge World are releasing a 'tweaked' 7th edition rule set, but I wouldn't surprised if we see some 8th edition rules included in that 'tweak'. And I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people start adapting 8th for games of 30k...

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A few more Space Wolves Pictures...

At the Forge World Open Day last year I entered a number of miniatures. I took some photos of my entries (although I didn't enter the tank in the end as I didn't think it was good enough).

I'm really pleased with how these have turned out, some of my best work to date, and I'm especially pleased with the banner bearer. Having a challenge with some friends and a painting competition to aim for really push you to develop your skills.

With the rhino I wanted to try my hand at stencilling again, and having large flat areas on a tank really allow you to give this a shot. I printed out a Grey Hunter icon from the internet an cut it out with a scalpel. I then stuck it to the tank with masking tape and used a sponge to dap thinned red paint over the area.

vlka fenryka

vlka fenryka
There were a few issues with the stencil but some battle damage soon hid these :-)

This is Hvarl Red-Blade, my wolf lord. I took his name from the Wolf King novella (he doesn't actually seem to appear in the novel, despite being named). At the time I figured they are unlikely to release a miniature for him so I had a named character, yet had free reign to depict him as I wished. They've since released rules for him in Book 7, and he's now the Wolf Lord of the 4th Company, but I've named him now... I'm not sure what to do...

You may notice that despite being named 'Red-Blade' he has a hammer. I liked that hammer (A mash up of the limited edition boarding marine head and the shaft from a thunderwolf cavalry hammer/axe), so strapped a sword to his back. This is a Wolf Lord that picks the best weapon for the task at hand (smashing Thousand Sons witches in this instance).

I really pushed a lot of boundaries and tried a few new things out with this guy, tricks that have now become second nature when painting my army. The weathering powder, transfers, gem paints, open source lighting, blood... the only thing I still can't do is eyes.

Here's one of my dreadnoughts. He was the first 30k miniature I painted, based on an image from Collected Visions. Buy he needed an update, so I have swapped his base, added some more decals, weathering powder and highlights. I still love him. That image from Collected Visions is one of my favourites.

Lastly is my banner bearer. This is the first time I have ever applied a banner-specific transfer to a banner (from the big GW Space Wolves transfer sheet), and man I think it went pretty well.

I like having dead XVth legion marines at the feet of my  Space Wolves as red is my spot colour, so it ties in well.

Let me know what you think
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