Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Armoured Crates - Review

First off, I believe this set is real evidence of Games Workshop listening to the fans. Ever since Forge World built a display at Warhammer World featuring a dock yard with a lot of crates, there was a call for Forge World to release them as miniatures. I know these are not exactly the same but they are close enough and they have been a real hit by all accounts. They were even nominated for miniature of the year in White Dwarf last year!

The kit itself was really easy and simple to put together. I did all of this in an hour's worth of lunch breaks (2 lunch breaks). It comes with come good instructions but is actually quite intuitive.

Not sure why you can choose to mount a storm bolter on them... they don't stack then... how impractical for a shipping container! I haven't bothered with these. not until I see a Maersk container with those on them will I be gluing them on...

For the price tag of £30 (or £23 if you know where to look) this set is really good value, especially considering the amount of scenery you actually get. One set will be perfectly fine for a game of Shadow War, and 2 for a full game of 30k when combined with some larger pieces. I've brought this for games of Shadow War, but painted the set specifically for my Armies on Parade entry later in the year.

Painting couldn't have been easier either. I've sponged mine to get a nice weathered effect. They're not finished yet but I'll be working on them as part of my Armies on Parade entry later in the year. These things are utilitarian and I can't imagine they are ever pristine for long (although why, after 10,000 years of development we haven't come up with a better paint protection system I do not know... one that actually stays on!).

I've seen others use half a container to make Space Hulk themed dioramas, which is something I would have liked to do, but after my last disastrous attempt at a diorama I'll give that a miss...

So, these have been out in the wild for a while now, what have you guys done with yours?


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  1. They look well but I just find they are a little pricey for scatter terrain.

    1. I thought that as well until I put them together and realised how much there is in the box and how versatile the kit is. I'm tempted to buy another for £23 :-)