Thursday, 29 June 2017

Games Night at Warhammer World - 28/06/2017

Usually on a Wednesday if I'm playing a game it'll be down at the local wargames club in Notts, but this week I arranged to meet Gav at Warhammer World for a game of 40k.

We managed to book the Mining Facility 42 gaming table. I've been desperate to play a game on this table since it was built, it just looks so nice. I think it would have been better suited to a game of Shadow Wars (although it's size suggests you want more than two players if you're going down that route) but it was still fun.

Obviously neither of us took any tanks! I decided to take a lot of assault troops with jump packs to jump around the multiple levels. Gav had some space elves with wings that could do something similar. My tactical squads didn't even get 12 inches into the board by Turn 3 due to the constant level changes but their 24" range allowed them to get a few meaningful shots off.

We only managed 3 Turns before getting kicked out at closing time, but that was 3 turns with sizable forces that we were still learning the rules of, in one an hour. Which again shows how much quicker the new edition of 40k is. Once again it was good fun and we even made a new (does second time round count as new?) convert to the game!

Whilst I was at WhW I saw a huge 30k game going off next to us, which included several titans, including a Warlord! (if this is yours, feel free to let us know what your plans are for painting that beast).

I also got to take a look in the cabinets at some of the staff armies which I'm sure we've all been following on Twitter.


And that's about it for hobby from me this week. I've got a lot on my plate at work at the moment, so hobby time is limited, but it was good to escape for an evening...

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  1. Looks like a great board, sadly it wasn't there when I was there last year. Glad to hear the games are quicker now and all.

    1. I bet it was... but that's because it used to be a Lord of the Rings table which they refreshed when Shadow War: Armageddon came out (I think the bones of hobbits have been cast in to the base...)
      Anyways, I've really been looking forward to having a go on it and it was actually really good. Deployment was a bit challenging, but the game was interesting