Monday, 19 June 2017

Grey Slayers Squad

Hello! I'm conscious it's been a little while since I actually posted some hobby content. Got a few technical issues (read "toddler issues") at home so it's been a bit hard to get the paints out recently (me: it's bedtime. Toddler: no daddy, the sun's still up, it's morning time. Me: I have no answer to that...)

But here you go, finally, I have a legal, fully painted army... well, my whole collection isn't painted yet but everything I need to field a legitimate force is, with the completion of this, my first Grey Slayer squad.

I must admit to was a bit of a push to get these guys converted after the release of Book 7 and painted in time for their first game, but I did it!

I'm also having issues with getting the light box out, so please forgive the unusually dodgy photos...

There's 20 guys in total, I've photographed them in 5-man squads for better pictures.

This is one of my favourite conversions this year...

There's 10 power swords in the squad. At 5pts a piece, why wouldn't you?!

The rivets on that guys chest are the first that I've painted. I applied the raised rivet decals from here, and then dry brushed them. They are too small to pick out in gold really (for my eyes anyway...).

And the sergeant has a power fist... because it looks cool...

There's a real mix of armour marks in this squad with Mks , 3, 4, 5 and 6 featuring. You'll notice there's a couple of guys still on smaller bases too. I stuck them together a while back. I love kit bashing and you'll find bits from all of Forge World's armour mark ranges, every Space Wolf upgrade set available and a couple of other Space Marine kits (you ever tried to find 10 power swords at short notice?!).

I've also experimented with these Games Workshop tufts of grass

Wait, I lied, there's two guys with axes and 8 with power swords...

These guys will obviously be Grey Slayers in 30k, Blood Claws in 40k and Veterans in Betrayal at Calth/Burning of Prospero.

I've got another 20-man squad to do, all with bolters. Between the two that will give me a lot of flexibility when putting together my Grey Slayer squads.  I've tried these guys out in-game and they are really good. The fact that they can move, shoot/run and then assault means they get up close and personal really fast. I played Strike Force (30k Kill Team) a few times and that ability was a massive bonus on a 4x4 board.

Comments welcome as usual.

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