Thursday, 15 June 2017

Shadow Wars Update 09/06/2017

So, since my first game a couple of weeks ago I've been reading the rules and procrastinating about which army to choose... should it be more marines (of the chaos kind), should it be an Inquisitor war band (Blanchitsu style), should it be...

Then Gav posted a picture of his purchase on Twitter and I realised I need to make a choice... and quick!

I was really impressed with these kits. I've not played with anything other than Space Marines for a long time so seeing the versatility and detail on these guys was impressive.

From the two box sets I figured that I could actually make at least 1 of every option in the Skitarii force. There are 5 Rust Stalkers, and 5 Rust Stalkers options so I planned to make one of each. As I was sticking them together though I decided against that and actually doubled up on one of the options.

From the 10 Rangers, I started building 1 Alpha, 2 Special Weapons guys, 6 troops (which can be normal troops or new recruits, they have the same basic weapons options) and converted a Tech Priest using bits from both boxes and some imagination...

I've been thinking about Mechanicum for a while but couldn't find a reason to start collecting them. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I don't want to paint them red though... nope. I've already got a grey and red army, and silver and red wouldn't be that different. So I'm going to paint them blue.

While I was waiting for them to arrive, I have built and undercoated some armoured crates (post to follow once they're painted...) so that we have some more scenery. Although I think we're getting there now.

How is your war on Armageddon going?

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