Friday, 14 July 2017

How do you pick your army?

It's a question that comes to us all, how to pick an army?

The first question, I guess, is, what is the army for?

Is it for painting? Is it for playing with? Is it for a particular event? Is it for collecting for the sake of collecting?

I've had armies that fit all those titles, but first and foremost I'm a painter. I generally convert and paint cool miniatures, and then try and make them fit my army... which is probably why I generally lose. What do you mean a squad of lightning claw equipped veterans are useless against tanks and boarding shields?! Surely the coolest miniatures win? No? oh, ok then...

Heavy bolters are great yeah?

Then I guess I'm a collector. I used to have to have at least one of every unit in a codex. I don't have time or space for that these days, but that's how I used to do it.

These days I like to paint with a fully painted army if I can. I'm finally at the point where I can actually field the army I want with fully painted miniatures, but it's taken about 3 years to get that core 3000pts fully painted. I keep getting distracted by cool conversions, 'taking a break from infantry' to paint a tank or three, or more recently by mini games such as Shadow Wars: Armageddon.

What do you mean he wasn't part of my
original 2017 army painting challenge?!

But now I have that core painted and I am playing a lot more than I used to, I'm definitely choosing what I paint so that I stand at least have a chance of winning. It's ok if I lost that one game that I played every year, but I'm playing one game or another at least once a month now, and I don't want to be losing 12 games a year! So the next think I paint will be aimed at giving me a competitive advantage.

However, there's also the mini projects. As I mentioned, I'm about to play quite a bit of Shadow Wars, so I had to paint up a legal army. It's only 4 or five miniatures, but still, it's time taken away from painting my main Space Wolves army... The Mechanicum do look cool though, and it's given me a chance to paint something new. So I guess this army kinda ticks all the boxes: it's cool, there's one of every unit and I'll be able to game with it!

And lastly there is the dreadnought army I'm painting up. I've chosen the army primarily because it will look awesome!! But I have picked the miniatures based on whether they will be cool or not. Plus it is something completely different to paint. I started out trying to get 12 dreads into the 3000pts, but that has shrunk to 10. But still, a whole contemptor dreadnought army is gonna be cool! And might even win a game...

 So, how do you pick your army?

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  1. I think I suffer from Hobby Butterfly Syndrome so start many armies because I fancied a change, some gain momentum and rapidly grow, others stumble by wayside until the fancy takes hold once again.... I have Relictors SM, Necrons and Ad Mech armies but have fledgling Tau, Genestealer Cult, Daemons, Grey Knights, but also a few allied contingents started of AM Ogryns, Assassins, Inquisition, Sisters of Battle and 'Space Dwarves' SM counts-as....

    1. Looks like you're not going for one of every unit in a codex, you're aiming for one of every codex! Lol
      I'd love to paint a lot more varied things but my hobby time is really limited these days. Writing this blog is part of my hobby time! :-)
      Which army/armies are you picking back up for 8th? Eldar in particular feel a lot more cometative

    2. Just Primaris Marines as Scythes of the Emperor, and try to make some progress on the other twelve armies ;)

    3. Haha, looking forward to seeing some of them!

  2. I buy whats shiny and new because I'm an idiot :)

    1. You're not an idiot, maybe just a magpie in a former life :-)

  3. I really have trouble not picking "all of them" :P

    I did just manage to sell off my Dark Angels (a full Battle Company, 100+ dudes, plus DeathWing and Vehicles), most of my IG (150+ dudes, along with a bunch of Tanks), and most of another SM Company still unbuilt. Despite that, I still have enough junk lying around that I recently misplaced my Hierodule, and it took weeks before I managed to find it.

    I'm trying to manage some combination of catching up on what I've got, but not finished, and clearing out stuff that I'm really unlikely to get around to, but they just keep releasing so much cool stuff!

    So far, Nids, Space Wolves, and Chaos Daemons look to be my man Armies in 8th, but we'll see how it works out as Dexes start dropping.

    1. man I hear you, there is so many cool new shiny things coming out at the moment!!!!