Sunday, 23 July 2017

Tinkering with games...


Shadow Wars: Armageddon
So, the last couple of weeks I tried something a little bit different: a multi-player games of Shadow Wars.

I'm sure we've all tried 3 or 4 player games in the past but I've typically found that any un-even number of players tends to result in an un-even game. Either two gang up on one, or two engage leaving the third free to do at they please, and only engage each other at the end of the game.

Well, Shadow Wars is geared up a little differently. The main incentive is to collect promethium and loot. This being your objective, you are forced to defend or attack whoever else is going for a particular objective.

The second, and more subtle incentive I found was the short distance move. Even infantry in 40k have a 6" range, so you can move pretty quickly in a plan to take out one enemy and still have time to capture objectives.

But in SW:A, players tend to have a 4" movement as base, so are almost forced to act alone as there is little time to both wipe out an enemy and still capture objectives. Objectives have to be the number one priority, meaning you attack or defend whoever is also going for it.

Overall it has been pretty fun, and we still have several games in the campaign to refine things.

8th Edition 30k
My next challenge: using 30k armies in 40k. Me and my 30k gaming buddy often tweak the rules to suit the scenario. We've also both tried 40k 8th and like it. So we're going to have a go at playing 30k with 8th edition rules.

Generally, all of the 30k Space Marine units rules will already exist, in terms of the Space Marine Codex and the Forge World Imperial Armour book. From what we can see, the main things that will be missing are a couple of units (like Breachers) and Legion Rights of War, so we're going to have a think about them before playing a couple of games in the near future.

For things like 20-man tactical squads, theoretically it shouldn't be any harder than factoring up the points. Yes you need to consider balance, but if you are both playing the same set of rules it can't go too awry.

I know there's a 'fandex' in existence, so we'll take a look at that too.

We've asked ourselves why we don't just move back to 40k, but personally I love 30k. I love the background, the miniatures and the community, and if I want to remain part of that community, for instance playing in tournaments, really I need to stick with the rules system, so I'm looking forward to seeing the release of Forge World's new rule book. In the meantime, this is a bit of fun to allow us to use our armies against our 40k friends.

Sorry it's a short one...

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