Thursday, 31 August 2017

Space Wolves Rhino

So, here it is, my second Space Wolves rhino. I used to have around 10 razorbacks/rhinos in my army, but then I started playing 30k, sold them and brought some of these Deimos Pattern Rhinos.
These are seen as 30k-era, but I think you can have either, these are just more reminiscent of the old skool Rhinos I had as a kid.

The kit itself is not perfect, but then these half plastic half resin kits never seem to be. However, it looks cool and is ready to transport my tactical support squads around the battle field. I kinda like using them as fire boats; having a squad of melta-dudes inside firing their melta-guns as they ride through the enemy battle line. Obviously you can't do that in 8th edition any more, but you can still do it in 30k (this week...).

I don't think I'll be buying any more though, my army these days is one of two armies: full of Spartans and assault marines or full of dreadnoughts, I don't really have a place for rhinos, but I couldn't quite part with these last two.

As usual, comments welcome.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Shadow Wars Squad - Complete

Well, the main squad is 'complete'. I still have the special operatives to finish!

These aren't my neatest painted miniatures, but I was trying to go all Blanchitsu. Not sure I achieved that either but I am really happy with the way these guys turned out.

The cloak in particular turned out somewhere near to the way I imagined I wanted it. I'm very happy with those. I painted them a light blue, followed by two layers of blue glaze and then some weathering powder around the bottoms

I need some decals but accidentally binned the ones that came with the box... Doh!

In-game I've given everyone a telescopic sight and they have performed really well at range in most games. So far I've won two games out of 4 and only lost one guy, who was captured in Game 2.

I love this guy in particular. The model is cool and with a telescopic sight he can pretty much hit anyone on the board. I decided to mount him on a large circular base rather than an oval base so that he would match the rest of the squad (the kit doesn't come with oval bases).

For the power glow on the weapons, I originally did them the same way that I have done my other glowing weapons (described here), but the blue glow didn't contrast enough from the blue uniform to stand out as being special, so I went back and added some green (a complementary colour), which I think has worked really well (wait until you see how much further I've pushed this technique on my dreadnoughts for armies on parade...).

I've got another 4 miniatures for the main unit to paint, and also 6 specialist options. Not sure when I'll get back on to them but It won't be too long I am sure.

I've added tufts of grass to tie them in with my Space Wolves, just in case they ever make it to a game of 30k/40k.

Hope you like them. Comments welcome.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Random Wolf Guard dude

Just thought I'd share this random dude. Not sure if he's a squad sergeant, Wolf Guard guy or Death Sworn... He was fun to paint though!

Hoe you're all enjoying your Bank Holiday weekend in the UK!

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Friday, 25 August 2017

Armies on Parade - Part 4: Building the Board

This week I spent a bit of time putting together the board for my Armies on Parade entry.
Initially I was thinking of scratch building the board, but once I'd considered materials and time required (time I desperately need to complete the miniatures) I decided to get myself a Forge World board.
I started with a Realm of Battle board, the Imperial Stronghold one. This is a great piece of kit. Sturdy and well detailed. The only gripe is that it didn't sit flat, but as it's made of resin, I got the hair dryer out, heated it up and flattened it out before I started work.
I wanted to make my board more individual, and tie it into the bases on my miniatures, so set about decided what to add to the board.
Firstly, I placed the bulk of the army on the board to get an idea of where the open spaces would be. I had a rough idea (see my first post) but now I actually had the miniatures (or at least, their bases) and the board it was a good chance to see how they would fit for real.

Then I took some of the Sector Imperialis basing bits and added them around, along with some dead marines, in the same way that I do with my bases. This gave me a good chance to use those really big basing pieces, which are just too large for any bases.

As well as using super glue to stick them down, I surrounded them with green stuff. Not only does this help bond them to the board a bit better. Also, it makes them feel a bit more like part of the board. Eventually I will use texture paint on the board, which will further 'bury' them into the mud.

I love making these guys. So quick and simple. I placed a couple of dead guys around the front of the base, and a couple around the side where there is a partially demolished wall.

I didn't plaster them all over as many of the dreadnoughts themselves already have ruins and dead guys on the bases.

There's a little mini-bunker on the top of the main bunker, which has a slot for a weapons mount. I have no intention of putting one in but found the slot is exactly the right size for an Imperial manhole from the Sector Imperialis kit, so placed one in there.

And that's the 'build' element finished. I'm really looking forward to painting this up.

How is everyone else getting on with their AoP entry?

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Space Wolves Terminators

I've been painting these for what seems like an age, and they're not even mine. They're for a work friend of my wife's, so I feel bad that they've taken so long.

I really like the end result, I haven't painted this kit for a long time, since I stopped playing 40k, so it made a nice change and I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out.

I may have overdone it a bit with the power/thunder/lightning weapons, but I hope I managed to sort that out.

I feel like each one is a character, and individual who means something, but I'll leave it to their owner to name them.

Anyway, just thought I'd share these before they go off to their real home and on to fulfil their gaming destiny.

For The Emperor, for Russ, for the Wolf Time!

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Visit to Warhammer World - 5/08/2017

I thought I'd share some pictures from a recent trip to Warhammer World. These are mostly from the Exhibition Hall, which I would heartily recommend taking a look around.

I'm really lucky to live so close by, but generally I take that for granted, just popping in as if it was any other store. On Tuesday though I agreed to meet some friends and spend the day there doing some hobby, having lunch and taking another look around the exhibition hall.

The cabinets in the entrance usually have some cool things to take a look at. There's a couple of new dioramas, one of which was at Warhammer Fest. The display cabinets are full of cool looking Games Workshop and Forge World Miniatures too...

Always loved this guy, and the detail is still so crisp despite the model's age.

I'm about to paint a Deredeo so I was looking at this guys for inspiration.

The exhibits in the hall change regularly, and I tend to take a gander every six months or so, so that there's a couple of new things to see. Apart from the dioramas there are also a number of the Golden Demon winning entries from the events so far this year.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and get round to visiting if you haven't already.

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