Thursday, 10 August 2017

Shadow Wars: Necrons vs Eldar Vs Ad Mech: Part 2

In the last game we played in this campaign, a few weeks back, my Mechanicum managed to capture a Necron due and the Harlequin's squad leader!

So this mission we played a rescues mission, which is based on the 'Raid' scenario. I set up a sentry with the two captives, whilst the other guys could set up 8" from a random table edge.

Initially I was feeling outgunned, two gangs of Xenos coming for some revenge, but as Turn 2 kicked off, that all changed.

Firstly, the Necrons moved into range and my sentry sounded the alarm (they later killed him on Turn 3 for his audacity...). That's ok, I was expecting that. But then the Harlequins used their impressive running skills to rescue their operative, and their Death Jester decided he'd take pot shits at the Necrons! If ever there was a fragile truce...

Turn 3 came, the Harlequins were running back to their table edge. The Necrons captured their operative, and also used an impressive psychic trick to mind-control the Mechanicum sentry, using him to return fire at the sneaky Eldar, before putting him out of his misery.

Turn 4 and the Mechanicum reinforcements turn up, wondering what's happened to their sentry. Fearing the worst, they started taking shots at the retreating Necrons (the Eldar are way to fast to have even been seen in this whole scenario, able to move 12" inmost cases!), but failing to kill any. I must admit that the telescopic sights I brought came in handy, providing a 50" minimum range for any of my troops.

Turn 5 and the Eldar and Necrons are off the board, the Mechanicum wondering what happened to their man. I rolled to see what happened to him and it appears he was captured, or in this instance, mind-controlled to join the Necrons (to be fair, with all those bionics he probably doesn't realise they aren't Mechanicum....).

This game was much quicker than our previous games, with the shooting coming thick and fast from Turn 2 onwards. It was really enjoyable, fun to play and very fluffy.

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