Monday, 7 August 2017

Space Wolves Wulfen Review

Since I typically collect a 30k Space Wolves army now, I never really had any intention of buying the Wulfen kit. But then Geigor Fell-hand was released and he has a really cool shoulder pad. I wanted more, with a squad of building a squad of Death Sworn in mind, but I didn't want to buy 10 Fell-hands on eBay. So, where to get them?
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Then I noticed that the Wulfen models also came with them. Could I justify spending £26 on a box just for the shoulder pads? Not really, so I've been umming and arring for months now.

Then I decided to take a closer look at the set, what else could I use those bits for?

There's ten of the shoulder pads that I wanted, so that's easily enough for a whole squad. Tick.

There's 5 large shields, which I can use with my Breacher squad. Tick.

There's 5 fancy backpacks, which are the same size as a normal fancy Space Wolves backpack (I thought they looked larger, but size comparison says otherwise). Tick.

There are a load of ornate weapons, which will be great or my Space Wolves Terminators to represent frost weapons. Tick.

The box is full of little extras like pelts and tails and runes which can be used elsewhere. Tick

As you can see, even if I never build the actual Wulfen models, there's a load of bits on there which I can use for my other squads. So in my mind, this is essentially an upgrade kit.

As for quality, the models are all highly detailed, with jam packed sprues, as you would expect from the newer kits. At some point maybe I'll model a couple of Wulfen and also play them as Deathsworn, but for now they'll probably reside in the bits box whilst I strip all these other goodies for the rest of my army.

What's your opinion of these guys?

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  1. And sell the actual Wulfen bits, someone will snap them up, quids in! It's a great kit, I don't collect SW but in 7th these rocked!

    1. I was thinking of selling them but there's a small part of me that thinks I might do some 30k wulfen at some point... mk3 armoured werewolves!! 😊