Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Necrons vs Space Wolves


This week I had a battle. Not just any battle, but a really cool battle. Note: this is not a battle report par se.

As you'll know, I've been working on a dreadnought army for Armies on Parade. My friend Chris (of Chris Frosin fame) has been working on a Necron army for Armies on Parade. We kinda thought that our armies have very unique themes, so why not face off against each other!

My dreads are geared up for 30k to be honest, so some of their modelled weapons options didn't have 40k rules (like phosphex launchers), but I still thought it would be cool. We played 90 power level. Every one of Chris' Necrons had the 'fly' special rule, and luckily a few of my Dreads had special rules that dealt with flying units.

I honestly thought this would be a complete washout. Last time I played Necrons (admittedly, 10 years ago), I got hammered, so I though that would happen again. And to be honest, the regeneration protocol is still a killer. Unless you take out the whole squad, they can keep coming back.

We played a Fate of Konor battle mission up at Alchemists Workshops in Chester. I played as the defender and Chris as the attacker, which suited our armies best and was quite thematic. The only way for Chris to win was for him to destroy two of the three objectives which I was defending, which he could only do by having more models within 3" at the end of a turn.

I set my dreads up 50/50 either side of the board, protecting 1 objective each, with the third in the middle, hoping to split the Necrons or tempt them into the middle to get caught in the cross fire. Knowing the Attacker gets to go first, I kept my Dreads in cover to try and weather the initial round of shooting. Contemptors can move 9" now so I knew I could jump out at the start of my first turn.

The Necrons had a lot of fire power and could move quickly, but the dreads had a lot of wounds (12-14 each), so managed to weather the storm until Turn 3, when they slowly started to fall from the sustained fire. Chris generally did the right thing, shooting a lot at a single unit each turn in the hope of taking it down, before moving on to the next.

The Deredeo with his lascannons and missile launcher was perhaps a bit wasted against an army with only one vehicle, as were the Grav weapons, but the assault cannons and Leviathan Storm Cannon really battered the destroyers and C'Tan. Sheer numbers of dice meant that I managed to kill a few complete squads in a single turn.

Every time a dreadnought reached 1 wound I was praying that they would explode and take some Necrons with them, but none managed to do that :-(

Chris' chrome scheme looks very pretty by the way. Great paint scheme and some cool conversions to boot. I can't wait to see it fully painted.

All in all, the game was really fun, very thematic and surprisingly balanced. It wasn't the white wash I thought it was going to be, with 2 of my dreads actually surviving until the end! We'll definitely be playing these guys off against each other again, hopefully before Armies on Parade gets here!!


PS - thanks to Gav at Alchemists Workshops for hosting us today. There's a great range of fully kitted out boards and lots of toys on the shelves (we couldn't leave without a few purchases...). I think there is a gaming night starting there too, so make sure you keep an eye on the website! - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k - Get in touch on Twitter: @errantwolfdave


  1. Looks great and a nice set up there too

    1. Cheers man, it was a great game, and great place to visit. Plenty of parking too!