Sunday, 29 October 2017

Armies on Parade - Parade Day Summary

Yesterday was my first Armies on Parade, and it was a blast! I entered at Warhammer World, so was a little nervous the competition was high... and it was! fantastic turn out, with over 200 votes cast for the entries.

However, I'll start with Vidpui's entry up in Newcastle, as he did the best out of al of us with his Best Painted win! Well done dude, I knew you could do it. On the back of his win we're already looking towards our next competitions.

I didn't win anything myself (seriously, I'm happy with an entry pin!) but I did get invited to put my board on display in the Exhibition Hall, which is a win in itself! How often does that happen in your life?!

I knew the standard would be high, so wasn’t expecting to place in any case. Plus is the first time I’ve entered. What was good was to see what the standard was like so that I can try and meet that next year.

And this was the winner. I had a chat with Andy (didn't catch your last name man, sorry. Get in touch though) as he was setting up and he was a little worried that his army didn't pop. But honestly, the blending and shading and free-hand detail on this army make it really unique. It's a work of art in my opinion and I'm glad he won. If you can't tell, this is the entry that got my vote, and ended up taking a full 1/3rd of the votes! See, no need to worry!

Chris's entry also drew a lot of attention. I love how the chrome scheme is showcased against the earth, green and grey.

How has your parade day gone? I'm already planning for next year...

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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Armies on Parade Board - Parade Day photos 1

Here's a photo dump of the Armies on Parade entries at Warhammer World today... 1 of 2

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Necromunda is Coming!

So, who else is excited about Necromunda being re-released? Or is that a silly question?

Along with Space Hulk, Necromunda was one of the two games that got me in to 40k. Again, like Space Hulk, here was a game that required you to paint 5-10 miniatures at the most before launching into the grim dark universe that we all love. You'll have seen that this year I've been playing a lot of Shadow Wars to try and re-live that magic

However, the REAL game is now soon coming, so that campaign will have to draw to an end as I start drooling over the contents of the new boxed game...

The miniatures look fantastic, without moving far from the original Gangs. I see that flamer and blast templates have made a return (wondered what Games Workshop were going to do with that warehouse full of spares they had when 8th Ed launched...)

I'm also really digging the scenery that comes with the game. The single level board is very different to the original and I imagine the game style is similar to the other boxed games we've seen over the last 24 months, particularly Death Watch: Overkill (I haven't watched the video yet).

Some of the rules are already available too, I really need to go away and spend some time looking through everything on the new website...

What is getting me really excited is the rumours of an Arbites faction coming to the game. I really love the idea behind the colonial police with cyber-mastiffs and riot shields, so although I'm obviously getting the boxed game, I'll be holding out to make this faction my own when/if it eventually comes.

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Armies on Parade update - the final countdown!

Here it is, 3 days to go until Armies on Parade and things are hotting up!

This is a bit of a combined post, showing of Vid's AoS project and my 30k Dread project.

Vidpui has been sharing his progress with me and the twitter crowd for the last couple of days. His Gryphounds look fantastic in my opinion. I really like the fact that they look like they are made of fire!

Vid also had a great colour scheme idea for the Stromcast riders, but when he put the two together he really wasn't feeling it. I think you'll agree that the green armour below looks great, just not combined with the fiery colour scheme of the steed, so he switched it for the bone colour in the picture above, which seems much more complimentary.

His board is also really taking shape. It has the right amount of height and levels which you usually see on Armies on Parade boards. He started the right way, mapping it out and placing the miniatures on to get a sense of spacing

Vid then added texture and chose a complementary scheme that will really have his miniatures standing out on the day.

In my corner I have been desperately trying to get my Dreads ready in time. Just the highlighting and finishing touches to go now I think.

Horus Heresy Space Wolves

My board has also bee taking shape. I shared the below photo last week of my progress to date. I need to jiggle the miniatures about a bit and add some more scenery, but I think I'm almost ready!!

Horus Heresy Space Wolves

Don't forget to check out the Dreadtober blog to see how everyone else is getting on with their Dreadtober projects:

Also, check out Vidpui on twitter (@Vidpui) or his painting blog. This guys is seriously talented, so I can see why he was about to throw in the towel when the reality didn't quite match his original vision (to be fair, I'm of a similar frame of mind when things don't go as planned) - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k - Get in touch on Twitter: @errantwolfdave

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Armies on parade update - 18/10/17

Hello! A bit more of an update on my Armies on Parade / Dreadtober progress.

This week I managed to get the board finished (well 99% finished, just deciding on what to do with the background). Had a lot of comments of Reddit when I asked for suggestions on improving the board, thanks guys and girls! I’ll try and incorporate a couple of them if I have time.
Horus Heresy Space Wolves

Horus Heresy Space Wolves

I got the blast/wrecked markers from Zinge Industries by the way... here

Need to focus on the actual army now, which is only about 50% complete. I’ll be putting in the hours over the next 11 days! I’ve been wanting to paint a dreadnought army for a long time so I’m really excited about getting this done.

I also took them out for a game against a friend’s Necrons again this week... and lost again. I keep making the same mistake of trying to engage those terminator-wannabes in close combat and they’re just too fast. I really need to stand back and make them come to me, but that’s not my style. In all honesty I don’t see the Furoes of the Ancients army as competitive on an open field, Zone Mortalis is where these guys would come into their own.
Horus Heresy Space Wolves

Horus Heresy Space Wolves

Horus Heresy Space Wolves

Horus Heresy Space Wolves

Anyway, that’s where I’m at so far, hope you guys are getting those with your own army?

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Dreadtober update - 16/10/17

Just a quick update on my progress today, added another (and the final) leviathan to my force this weekend and have basecoated him... nothing like adding just a little bit more to the challenge.

Laptop still broken so still no proper blogging but I believe my replacement has arrived today.

Horus Heresy Space Wolves

Horus Heresy Space Wolves

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Armies on Parade - update 11/10/17

Vidpui here with his latest progress report: 18 days till Armies on Parade! (Don’t say that man!!!) and I’ve barely started! Managed to start on the beasts this week and hope to get them done by the weekend. Aetherwings and gryph-hounds done. Gryph-chargers need shade highlights and details. Next week the Stormcasts themselves!

P.S. with the beasts this colour, I’m not sure if the black armour I had planned will look good now lol Won’t think about basing theme until the minis are done, but leaning towards snow

I don’t know about you but I really like the progress so far!

Check out Vid's other painting on his blog: here

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