Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Dark Angel WIP

Wanted to share some of the work I have been doing on a little project for the Horus Heresy Golden Demon in February.
I really wanted to paint something different to my Wolves, and have always fancied Dark Angels. I'm not 100% sure I want a whole army but a single miniature would look nice on the shelf.
But what to do? I have a very clear image in my head of what I want this piece to look like but I needed to find the bits...
What did I buy? I brought Alexis Polux for a start. His armour is very knightly, and I loved painting him as an Imperial Fist, so I wanted this miniature a the base model.
Then I wanted a cool shoulder pad. I could have brought any of the Games Workshop of Forge World upgrade packs, but no, I wanted the one from the Chaplain model. So I ended up buying an £18 model just for the shoulder pad!! Crazy, but I wouldn't have been happy without it...
Horus Heresy Dark Angels

I took the sword from the Dark Angels upgrade pack and then missed in a load of other Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine and Imperial bits to make the miniature.
When I was trying to decide on what cloak, I tried out both the Dark Angels chaplain and the one from the plastic Ahriman model (which I have a few of). I really wanted the Chaplain model cloak (top), but couldn't get it to fit right, so ended up with the Ahriman cloak (bottom). I think it still looks good and am quite happy with the result.
Horus Heresy Dark Angels

Horus Heresy Dark Angels
Really pleased with the way he turned out... but this isn't it, I still have a lot of work to do on this project, some bits of which I am not sure I can actually achieve... we'll see, and I'll keep you posted.
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Battles in the Rage of Darkness - Game 4

Last Saturday myself and Rich played the final game of our 2017 campaign at Warhammer World. We wanted this to be a big, climatic battle, so we went with 4500pts a side. Originally it was meant to be 6000pts but we couldn't quite muster that many fully-painted points unfortunately.
It was the 40k doubles tournament on Saturday too so we ended up consigned to a standard 6x4 board, but with me taking mostly dreadnoughts and Rich having a combined Raven Guard / Imperial Fist force, there weren't that many models on the table to start with.
Combined with the busy gaming hall, Rich and I both had our children with us... I have never been so stressed in my life! lol

Turns 1, 2 and 3 saw the grey and yellow charge forward, eager to get into combat. The Imperial Fists siege wall survived all three turns before Russ disembarked to finish them off.
The Imperial Fists heavy weapons squad were particularly good at hiding in the trees on the right flank and picking off my dreadnoughts as they shambled forward (I must admit that I'm loving the fact contemptors can move 9" in 8th Edition, they seemed so slow in this game)

I don't feel that we made the most of the Phosphex missiles that both armies had, which usually scatter all over the board creating dangerous terrain. In the trees at the back of the picture above there is also 3 IF mortars that were laying waste to my dreads.
The Deredeo sighting up the IF Spartan tank, fruitlessly. It did manage to take out the Sicaran at the end of turn 3 though.
At the end of turn 3 I think both kids and adults had had enough, so we paused the game and went for some food and a look around the exhibition hall.
Later that evening we put the kids to bed, opened a bottle of mead and re-set our game on the living room floor, I think Twitter said this was know as 'floor-hammer' though I suggested 'floor-gaming'. Either way, it took me straight back to the games of my youth. 
In turns 4, 5 and 6, the Space Wolves Hammer finally crashed into the Imperial Fists anvil, the crunch of bone on bone and steel on steel was deafening, and it was close all the way to the end.
I the Imperial Fists Spartan was finally wrecked, but that just unleashed the genie that was a full squad of terminators, who proceeded to wreck both my Deredeo and Spartan in retaliation.

The sole surviving Wolves Leviathan used it's siege drill to take out nearly a full squad of Dark Furies who had foolishly charged him...
And once again it all came down to these two. Sigismund and Russ have met three times now and it generally follows the routine of me forgetting Russ's rules, Sigismund miraculously surviving the first turn, me remembering Russ's rules, Sigismund reducing Russ to 1 wound, Russ killing Sigismund. But some pretty epic dice rolling is usually involved. 

I technically won the game at the end of Turn 6, 12-10 on victory points. but the Raven Guard reserves could have swung things if they'd showed up earlier.

This also means that technically, the Wolves won the campaign, 3 points to 2. But it was close, and fun, and we'll definitely be doing it again next year, just probably with some different armies (Dark Angels / Raven Guard it seems...)

Found something new in the exhibition hall...

That's it for this years 30k campaign. Next year we want to run a 30k campaign weekend so will spend a couple of weeks thinking about that before announcing it. If you'd be interested in joining us for two days of 30k gaming fun (and it will be fun...) get in touch.
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Friday, 17 November 2017

Armies on parade - Ork fliers

I know this is a bit late, but I really wanted to share this Armies on Parade board. After Vid claimed Best Painted at the Age of Sigmar parade day he decided he'd enter the 40k event the following weekend. The only issue? He hadn't painted anything up...
So, with 6 days to prepare he set about finding a theme...
He sent me this picture and asked what I thought. Fantastic was my reply, how visually cool would that board be?!

Finding the Ork fliers would be easy, Games Workshop make those. But what about the Squigeon? That's ok, Vid is a dab hand at sculpting too:

By Wednesday (or was it Thursday) night he'd got about 80% of the planes finished.
Saturday morning came and he'd sacrificed several teddy bears to make the clouds (what did you do with the bodies man?... you monster!)
And then Parade Time came around.
I really wanted to share this because I think he did a fantastic job in realising the original vision in such a short space of time! Unfortunately he wasn't lucky enough to place this time round, but I think it's motivated to already start looking at next years board ideas!!

Want to see more of Vid's excellent work? Find him on Twitter: - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k - Get in touch on Twitter: @errantwolfdave

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Necrons vs Dark Angels


first off, this is not really a battle report, just some chat about a battle and some photos of our miniatures (in no particular order...)
Last night was the weekly games night at Warhammer World. This week I met up with Chris to once again face off against his Necrons. This week I wanted to try something different, so I decided to play test a small Dark Angels Raven Wing force. You might notice these Dark Angels look a bit like my Space Wolves... you are mistaken...
In all seriousness, I'm thinking of painting a small Dark Angels force and wanted to play test them, so used Space Wolves equivalent. I was hoping the fast nature of the bikes and speeders would be able to match the 'Crons, but what I found is that I just didn't have the rate of fire.

We played the Capture the Relic scenario, which is essentially like rugby. The army with the least number of units goes first, so I set up my units at he back, knowing Chris would get first turn and could move quickly.
He still managed to destroy one of my bike squads in the first turn!
By the end of the game, it was just 'Samael' on his jetbike against two squads of Necrons... he's hard, but he's not that hard! The Raven Sword did take a mean tally though, killing 5 warriors before Samael was finally slain.

Chris was 'sorry' that he killed yet another complete bike squad in one turn, but with 30 shots, re-rolling to hit and to wounds, between you and me, I don't think he meant it... lol

My bikes tried to sneak around the back at the beginning, but one got killed first turn...

The feature boards at Warhammer World are immense. I'm playing again on the Battle for the Bridge board at the weekend, so it was a good chance to suss it out last night. There's some good cover and terrain features.

I think overall I need something to complement the bikes, something with a bit more armour and a bit more punch. The Necrons are fast AND shooty and I either need to match that or defend against it. My dreads were good at defending it but they couldn't take the fight to the enemy. Where as the bikes were the opposite, they could get in there but couldn't do much damage when they did. Any suggestions?

That's all for me today... back to painting the Spartan before Saturday!! eeek

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Monday, 13 November 2017

Whats on my Table - 13/11/2017

On Saturday I've got the final game of our 30k Campaign. It's the culmination of our games spanning 2017 so we wanted to make it the biggest. Originally we planned on 3000pts a side, then decided on 4500pts. The challenge is to only use fully painted armies, which is why this week I am trying to finish off my second Spartan. It's the only unit I want to use which isn't fully painted, and it's been on the painting list for about 12 months anyway, so the game is proving to be good motivation.

Last night I spent about an hour applying decals and mud to the tracks. With my tanks, I usually paint the tracks silver and then apply the mud. But I realised that after applying the mud, you can't see a lot of the metal anyway, so this time round I've gone for applying the mud and then do the silver in an effort to economise my time.

I reckon at the least I can get all the base coats down and a coat of wash on before the weekend, so hopefully it'll look similar to its sister tank (here).

After this I have some ideas for a Horus Heresy Golden Demon entry for February which I am going to start work on. That miniature will also be the start of a new army that I want to do in 2018 as a bit of a change from my wolves. I won't say too much yet... 

Wish me luck!!

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Army Painting Challenge Part 5 - We're Reaching the End...

Weeeellll, it's time to do a round up of this year's painting challenge... and face some cold hard realities...
What I realised this year is that, while I have some ideas about what I need to paint, what I want to paint is generally what wins out. So, while you will see that I have made a lot of progress and got a lot painted this year, my list of things to do has only got bigger!
So what did I get painted this year:
That's a hell of a lot of stuff! Plus I have played more games of 40k, 30k and Shadow Wars this year than I have in the last 5 years! It's been a busy year indeed.

My highlights have been:
Playing a Shadow Wars campaign. I haven't been the most successful but it has been really fun and a great way to paint something different without it going off to sit in a box somewhere with no purpose. I really enjoyed painting the Mechanicum squad.

Entering Armies on Parade has been another highlight. I've always wanted to do a dreadnought army and this was the opportunity! I enjoyed that challenge so much that I think going forward I am just going to paint things that I really enjoy painting. So, my next target is entering something in the February Horus Heresy Golden Demon.
Plus I have made some really good new friends this year!

What's left to do for next year? Well, I have a legal army now so there is nothing I need to do. I saw the rumours about Leman Russ returning to 40k, and I'm really liking the new system, so I actually think I'll be looking at playing more games of 40k. Necromunda is also coming this week!

Things left on my list from this year which I actually want to finish are:
  • 1 Forge Lord (Iron Priest) - dry brushed armour highlights and based
  • 4 heavy weapons guys - dry brushed armour highlights and based
  • 1 Spartan assault tank - dry brushed armour highlights
  • 10 Death Sworn - dry brushed armour highlights and based
  • 7 Boarding marines - detailing started
  • Fellblade - base coated, dry brushed and nearly finished detailing.
  • 5 Veteran tactical marines
  • 1 Wolf Lord
  • 2 Apothecaries
But that leaves me with a load of stuff that I have put together or at least brought, which potentially, and based on the evidence from this year, I will never actually paint or use.
Soooo, I made a decision to eBay a lot of stuff, including my Mechanicum squad (because lets face it, once Necromunda is here I won't be playing MEchanicum again...). Some of it I will be sad to see go, but it is not fulfilling it's destiny. Here's the shameless plug: if you fancy helping fund next year's hobby challenge and get yourself a bargain to boot, please check out my eBay lots here :-)
That's it for the challenge this year, just Necromunda for me to have a go at between now and Christmas. 
How have you done with your hobbying this year?
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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Woles are coming... again!

This week we've had two bits of Space Wolves news/rumours which have got me really excited!

The first is news, straight off the Warhammer Community site, that the Varagyr Terminators will be getting some minis. I know we'd seen some mock ups previously, but I've been holding onto about 25 plastic and resin Forge World terminators ready to build up a force of these just in case. I'll still use those minis, but I'll be getting a couple of squads of these guys too!

I'm loving the axes and top knots and fur on these sculpts. I'll pick up some chain axes for the other minis I've already got to tie them all together, but yeah, looking forward to these being released!!

The second bit of news is that Russ may be returning to 40k! I've suspected this every since the Warzone Fenris campaign, there's no way that Russ can't come back if Guilliman is here, but Faeit212 posted some rumours that seem to confirm the Lord of Winter and War really will be returning.

Late last week, Faeit212 did share some rumours that The Lion might be coming back, which nearly, nearly, made me dive into that Dark Angels force I've been meaning to have a crack at, but if Russ is returning, I'll be using him as the centrepiece to the 40k Wulfen force I've also had some ideas about (but boy are those space werewolves expensive points-wise?!)

All in all, it is going to be a very expensive new year for me I feel... good job it's my Birthday in January :-)

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Space Wolves Leviathans

Last post of the Dreadnought series...

Here's the other two Leviathans that I painted (to make three in total).

Really loved painting these stumpy fellas. The kit is really pose-able. and the weapons options look fantastic.

I know green isn't the traditional colour for some of these powered weapons, but I was trying to use green as one of my spot colours, so lenses and energy are green, a contrasting colour to the red spot colour on the armour and Thousand sons. Plus, you rarely see green on a Space Wolf miniature, so I thought it would make the army stand out a little.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Space Wolves Deredeo

Continuing to share pictures of my Dreadnought Army, today I bring you some pictures of the Deredeo.

I have to admit, I wasn't a big fan of this guy when I first saw the Forge World pictures, but then scouting around the internet convinced me that you could make it look better.

I particularly liked one that I saw that had his foot up on some rubble so tried to emulate that using a spare Dreadnought arm.

He's not fared very well in games so far. He can't move AND shoot in 8th edition, which results in him being a bit of a sitting duck. Hoping he fairs better in my next game of 30k...

Thanks for taking a look, hope you like it.

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