Monday, 13 November 2017

Whats on my Table - 13/11/2017

On Saturday I've got the final game of our 30k Campaign. It's the culmination of our games spanning 2017 so we wanted to make it the biggest. Originally we planned on 3000pts a side, then decided on 4500pts. The challenge is to only use fully painted armies, which is why this week I am trying to finish off my second Spartan. It's the only unit I want to use which isn't fully painted, and it's been on the painting list for about 12 months anyway, so the game is proving to be good motivation.

Last night I spent about an hour applying decals and mud to the tracks. With my tanks, I usually paint the tracks silver and then apply the mud. But I realised that after applying the mud, you can't see a lot of the metal anyway, so this time round I've gone for applying the mud and then do the silver in an effort to economise my time.

I reckon at the least I can get all the base coats down and a coat of wash on before the weekend, so hopefully it'll look similar to its sister tank (here).

After this I have some ideas for a Horus Heresy Golden Demon entry for February which I am going to start work on. That miniature will also be the start of a new army that I want to do in 2018 as a bit of a change from my wolves. I won't say too much yet... 

Wish me luck!!

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  1. Love the tracks, hows the Spartan kit been? I had terrible trouble with the old track links separate from the track runners, very fiddly.