Saturday, 30 December 2017

Moon Base Klaisus - Review

I know some people were sceptical about Moon Base Klaisus when it was first released by Games Workshop: A cardboard gaming mat? What will the quality be like? Will it be good value for money?
Personally, I don't have tonnes of hobby space, certainly not enough to easily store a whole Realm of Battle board. For me, the description of this product was quite appealing: it can be stored in quite a small space, it's easy to transport, I don't need to spend more hours painting it than I am likely to play on it, it comes with some scenery and you don't need to use the whole thing.
I'll try and give you a bit of a review in no particular order.
The scenery itself easily slots together and is pretty firm once you've slotted it. So, if you wanted to store all of the scenery with the board in the box, I'd suggest not gluing it together, it would all easily fit in the box then. Once it's glued, the bigger pieces won't fit. I've got a separate scenery tub so I've stuck mine
The board itself is quite thick, about 50% thicker than the boards we've been getting in the boxed games as a comparison. This box was certainly heavier than I was expecting.

It folds out from roughly A4 size to I to 3 foot 4 inches wide and comes in three sections to form the full 5 foot 6 inch length. It is fairly self-supporting but I'd suggest making sure you don't place anything heavy on the bits that are overhanging the table edges.

I can probably see myself using two of the sections for most of my games as we tend to play fairly small games of an evening. Any games that need a bigger board will probably be played at the LFGS.

Comparing the scenery with the more recent Necromunda pieces, you can see that the details and overall thickness of the pieces are chunkier. But overall I would still say that the detail is great. These pieces are built to last and survive heavy use over a long period of time.

Additionally, you'll be paying them less attention in a larger game of 40k, where they really are just the backdrop to your game, where as in Necromunda, the scenery is part of the game, there are fewer models, the scenery will receive much more scrutiny.

As I said earlier, the wall sections slot together and fit quite snugly, so there is no real reason to glue them together if you want to store them in the box with the board. AND they are made from brown plastic, so in a pinch they are already good to go!

Overall I would give this product a strong 9 out of 10. It's good value for money, it's good quality, it comes with a lot of stuff in the box. I personally wouldn't have any suggestions for improving it but I can imagine some people might be miffed that it is not a full 6x4 board. But, again from a personal point of view, I left '6x4' as a standard table size behind sometime last year when we started playing smaller games of 40k and Shadow War: Armageddon on 4x4 boards, which I preferred. I like this and I would recommend it.

What are your thoughts?

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Making tiny leaves

This week I’ve been trying to make some scale model leaves for a diorama that I’m working on. 

I’ve been trying to find some leaves that are the right size for the 28mm miniatures, and the best I could find were two produces from Green Stuff World

The first is essentially a pot of tiny leaves, made from full sized leaves. These look great! And I’m glad I invested.

My main issue with the pot of leaves (leaf litter) is that they are made from real leaves, which is great on one level as they accurately match the colour of real leaves. The issue lies in that I’m not sure they have been treated in a way that stops them decomposing. They still look fine but at some point they will have wasted away.

The second was slightly more fun, and allows you to make as many of those tiny leaves as you like: a leaf cutter.

There are a number of ways to treat leaves to preserve them. One way is painting them in PVA glue, which is nice and simple on whole leaves, but not on teeny tiny leaves.

The other way that I thought of was drying them.

I took a bunch of leaves and cooked them at 180 degrees for 20 minutes under a layer of foil (so that they didn’t burn). They came out nice and dry with the colours still nice and rich. The problem here is that the leaves were really dry. Crispy in fact. So, when I came to press them, I ended up with a bowl of crispy bits and a few tiny leaves.

Obviously the base is not finished in that photo but I've included it for scale.

So, I went back to the leaves, pressed them and then dried the tiny leaves to preserve them. This worked much better.

Another tip is to cut the leaves into strips about the same width as the cutter so as to reduce waste.
I haven’t treated the leaves in any other way so I do not know how long they will last, but they look cool and will hopefully last as long as I need the diorama for.

Lastly, watch out for all the tiny bugs that will inevitably pop out when you warm these things up. These are the creatures that have gone into hibernation which you've now woken up... good luck!

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Christmas and looking back on 2017


Are you all getting in the Christmas spirit? I must admit, it seems to have started earlier this year and I'm almost a bit over it... lol. The only thing keeping me going is the thought of those presents under tree in, what, 12 days time?!

So, I thought I'd ask: what are you guys getting this year?

My hobby-related Christmas list this year is a little different. I haven't asked for books, like usual, I'v actually asked for some stuff t help me play games!

Not having a lot of room for storage, the first thing I asked for was the "Realm of Battle: Moon Base Klaisus" board in a box. Ideal for a quick game if I happen to play at home and easily stored back in the box.

The Dark Angels codex is out this week too, so it would be rude not to ask for that seeing as I have been toying with a small Dark Angels army (while I await the arrival of the Sons of Russ, controversial choice for a second army actually...). There's some really cool looking stratagems in the leaks and reviews that are floating around the web. I can't wait!

This is probably the last post from me this year too, so I thought I'd give you a quick update on my Dark Angels project. I've pretty much finished the Commander that I was working on, and am working on his display board/base now.

The Jetbike is on hold, for no particular reason... other than I got distracted by this tactical squad. I'm only building one ten-man squad (which can be split into two 5-man squads in 40k) so I want them all to look very knightly and almost like veterans.

I also joined Instagram this week! I never thought I would but actually it has been really fun so far. If you're on there, look me up:

As it's the end of the year I also wanted to look back on what I have been up to hobby-wise. I've made some cool new friends this year, played a lot more games and even got to enter Armies on Parade (finally!). Fingers crossed my army will be on display at WhW in January too! That is a hobby-highlight for me.

My son has also been making some progress in the hobby too. This year he helped stick a couple of miniatures together, did a lot of painting (don't let them use acrylics... washable paint all the way!) and is getting the hang of rolling dice and moving miniatures around the board. The game were the genestealers go for a picnic with the Space Marines is a particular favourite, roll a three and they get cheese sandwiches!

Anyone else going to the New Years open day at Warhammer World on the 6th January? If you are and you see me, say hi :-)

And that's about it for me in 2017! Have a happy Christmas!

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Monday, 11 December 2017

Progress update - 11/12/2017

It was a busy couple of days in my house. As well as graduating from Uni, decorating the house and attending a Nativity play, I managed to fit in some hobby (somehow...).
First up was working on the scenic base for my Dark Angels commander. I ordered a load of little bits, as well as some foam card from Green Stuff World, which arrived on Thursday. I set about chopping up the foam card and filling and texturing with polyfilla, adding some rocks, and generally trying to pull together the bones of the scene. I think I'm at the point where it is ready for sanding and undercoating.
I also did some work on the first of my Ravenwing Jetbikes. This is sort of a test piece for the rest of the army to come. I mixed together a Forge World jetbike and some bits from the Ravenwing Command Squad to add flavour, and a couple of other bits and bobs, such as the Forge World Dark Angels helmets. Pretty happy with how it has turned out to be honest.

And here it is undercoated, with a couple of decals added. Anyone any tips on how to do scorch marks on black paint?

I think I just about finished the commander. Just got the base to do but I'll finish this once I get painting the scenic base to go with him, so it all ties together.

And finally, I've raided my bits boxes and pulled together a pretty unique looking tactical squad for the Dark Angels. With a mixture of Mk2, 3, 4 and 6 armour (keeping it mixed, just like my wolves). I want them to look very knightly, so have also ordered a few extra bits from eBay. - a blog dedicated to The Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40k - Get in touch on Twitter: @errantwolfdave and Instagram: errantwolfdave

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Weekly progress report - 06/12/17

So… this week I’ve had that feeling that I haven’t done that much ‘hobby’, but actually now I come to type this, maybe I have! On that note, I want to give a big shout out to @MrTumnus1987 on Twitter, who started 'hobby streak' a couple of weeks back. If you haven't seen it, go find him and ask about it. What I can tell you is that it has got a lot of people hobby-motivated in the run up to Christmas.

One of the things I’ve been doing is planning out a small 30k/40k Dark Angels force as a bit of a painting challenge. My plan is to do mostly bikes and jet bikes with a very strong ‘Knights of Caliban’ theme: lots of heraldry, swords, shields and crests. One of the first jobs was to find some checks for the heraldry and thankfully @iosefward on Twitter has found some for me! Many thanks Joe!

I also finished reading the Garro short stories this week. Many that is a great collection by James Swallow. I never go the audio dramas so glad they have been collected together here. There are some real revelations in there, and particularly loved the bit where Sigismund, the Black Templar pops up as it really explains a bit of their 40k background.

Now I've started reading the Shattered Legions short stories (though I have already read 75% of this book after picking up Meduson from Warhammer World previously)
Shattered Legions

Lastly, I have been working on this guy too. I still don’t really have a name for him (I do have an idea though). The actual miniature is only one part of this project so there is still quite a long way to go. I was planning on entering him into the Horus Heresy Golden Demon in February but failed to get a ticket for the weekender unfortunately. However, that does leave me a bit of time until the next Golden Demon event, so I don’t plan on rushing this one.

I’m really happy with the way he is looking so far, having used a number of techniques which I haven’t used for a long time (not really needing them on my Wolves). It’s been a very refreshing challenge and such a change from the Dreadnought Army I was racing to complete for Armies on Parade.
Horus Heresy Dark Angels

Horus Heresy Dark Angels

What have you been up to this week?

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Dark Angel WIP 2

This week I finally managed to get some piant down on this guy and have been playing around a bit.

Both the red and the green were applied in a similar fashion, with a couple of base layers stippled on over a black base, followed by stippling some lighter shades of red or green and then three layers of red or green wash. I am very happy wit the results, giving a sort of aged appearance to those elements.
Horus Heresy Dark Angels

Horus Heresy Dark Angels

I am also plating around with the armour. This is a Dark Angels legionnaire obviously, so I wanted black armour. Convention says to go with grey highlights followed by a black wash, but I want this guy to look weather-beaten and war-weary, so I have gone with silver dry-brushed highlights. I'll give all the black areas a wash of Nuln Oil once I've finished detailing, and then go over some of the highlights in the areas of maximum battle damage.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels

I obviously haven't finished this yet, but if anyone has any tips I'd be happy to hear them. I want to really push my boundaries with this one.

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Necromunda... Zone Mortalis

I'm assuming everyone is as excited as I am about Necromunda? Along with Space Hulk, this is one of the gateway games (drugs??) that got me into the grim darkness of 40k, so I'm very glad that it's come back!
Everyone is raving about the models, and I can't deny that Games Workshop have pulled a blinder here. They've kept the theme and aesthetic but brought all of the improvements in skill and technology to bear on the reimagining, and the results are superb.
But I want to talk about something other than the miniatures, I want to shine a light on the scenery and boards that come in the box game.
As regular followers might know, I'm a big fan of Zone Mortalis games and these boards appear to be a great way to get my own ZM board without spending a small fortune on Forge World resin sets. Yes, they aren't fully 3D, but to be honest, I don't really have the time to paint up a full 6x4 set, or the space to store it! So I think this will be perfect. There's enough boards for a 3x3 board, so I'm going to try and get my hands on another box's worth to create the 4x4 we usually play on.
If you look closely too, the layouts are very similar to the Forge World resin plates.

The scenery is pretty cool too. Again, I'm going to try and get a second set. My particular favourite piece is the creature coming out of the manhole. There was one memorable game of Shadow War where one of Chris's Necrons got eaten by the Creature from the Deep and we really wanted to convert up a miniature to represent that. Now we don't need to!

I must admit that I've been slower than some getting the contents of the box stuck together, but this week I managed to have a game, and from what I can see, the 2D version is very similar to Betrayal at Calth in terms of mechanics. I really like it. Pretty simple rules leaving the actual wining down to the tactical ability of the player.

What are your views so far? Would you consider using the board for Zone Mortalis?
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