Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Space Wolves Legion Bike Squad

There's a part of my army that is a bit like the Dark Angels Raven Wing. It comprises a bike squad, some jet bikes, a couple of land speeders and a Storm Eagle. I painted the entire group up with matching squad markings to show that they are a squad that is part of a bigger force.

Today I thought I'd share the bike squad element of that force with you.

I'll be honest, this was a squad that kinda got built ad hoc. I started with one bike a couple of years ago. I was never sure about bikes. Then I brought a couple more and then I brought the Dark Angels Raven Wing box, decided I didn't want to start a Dark Angels army and just added them to my Wolves. Which is why there is eleven of them and not some nice round number...

I've added all sorts of bits to the kits; wolves bits, Forge World bits, Raven Guard helmets... you name it and I bet you can find a bit from a kit...

They still bear Blood Claws markings from when they were part of my 40k Wolves army. I didn't see the need to change this. There's plenty of Claws on bikes in Collected Visions...

There's a lot of weathering and mud on these guys, as they ride through the outer wastelands of Prospero hunting the foe that have hidden there

I don't really like the Forge World bikes. Space Wolves ride street bikes, not sports bikes. So I probably won't be getting any of them...
There's space enough for three more bikes in my army box so I might yet add a couple more.

As usual, comments welcome.


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Monday, 30 January 2017

Shattered Legions

Hello once again,

As well as working on my Space Wolves, I've been slowly working on a squad of Shattered Legion marines. I wanted to do this first group as a personal challenge to paint something different and try a few new techniques.

I selected the legions to include in my squad because of the challenge I thought they'd present and for fluff reasons and for gaming reasons.

We'll start with gaming. The Book 6 rules for Shattered Legions say you need a mixture of two main legions. I really wanted to base my force on the Iron Warriors, I was also painting Polux, and I was also reading Pharos, so Imperial Fists were logically my second choice.

However, I wanted to paint Shattered Legions to push myself. I wanted to paint some Emperor's Children, some World Eaters, some Salamanders. All legions with challenging colour schemes, but needing my two main legions to have a majority, I was limited. So I chose a Salamander, and Iron Hand and a Black Shield. I will have to wait until I paint another squad before I can mix in some other colours, but it will happen.

So, here is my completed squad.

All have a mixture of armour marks and iconography. This was a chance to really mix it up

This is the squad of 5 Iron Warriors, led by a Warsmith who goes by the name of the Iron Prophet. Perturabo never liked psychers, and although the Iron Prophet attained high rank, he never attained his Father's favour, due to his uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. He was never tested for latent psychic ability but the cloud of suspicion never left him. When his Primarch nailed his flag to Horus' cross, the Iron Prophet didn't follow, he didn't heed to the call to muster at Isstvan. instead he fled into the warp, almost coming to blows with Polux's force as they made their way to Sotha. Fate once again shined on the Iron Prophet though and he survived and aligned himself with the forces loyal to the Emperor.

These guys are The Brothers Grym. They are part of Polux's personal bodyguard, which followed him to Sotha. They are some of the first to carry the icon of the Crimson Fist.
The guy on the left I modelled to look like the armour shown on the cover of False Gods. I don't know what mark it was originally meant to represent (maybe Mk2) but in reality I've used a mix of Mks 2 (helmet), 4 (arms and crest), 5 (shoulder pad and back pack) and 7 (legs).

This is my Salamander, Black Shield and Iron Hand.
The Salamander turned out a lot plainer than I imagined. I should have added some flames, but then I started formulating an idea that he had removed all of the flames from his armour, because he doesn't know that Vulkan is alive, so the flames have died along with his Primarch.
The Black Shield ended up looking a lot like a Knight Errant, but no one knows because he hasn't spoken a single word since the start of the Heresy...
The Iron Hand was included mainly because I had a load of cool mechanical bits in my box which didn't really look right on Space Wolves but which I wanted to use somewhere.

I tried using a white background for these photos for the first time, and I'm not impressed. The colours seem muted. Things that appear to be glowing or glossy in the flesh seem flat. Let me know what you think.


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Friday, 27 January 2017

New Boarding Shields

The first thing to point out is that I rarely buy things from third parties. I’m quite the purist when it comes to my Games Workshop and Forge World miniatures. I generally want to enter my miniatures in painting or gaming events, which generally means you can’t use third-party products. Games Workshop seem to be relaxing this somewhat, particularly in the gaming competitions, so I thought I’d test the water.

And why is that? Why now? You might ask. Well, the main issue I have right now is that I want lots of Breachers in my army, and to buy 20 shields from Forge World is going to cost at least £80, which is the best part of the price for Burning of Prospero! I just can’t stomach that. So when the manager at Alchemists Workshops told me about some good looking shields he’d seen from a third-party, I thought I’d take a look. 

Zinge Industries kindly provided these for me to take a look at before they go on general release. And you know what, I am really impressed. The mould and resin quality are as good, if not better than Forge World. 

They look very similar to the shields that come in the boarding marine squad, so with a few official Imperial additions, these will fit in nicely with my army

You can also retro-fit these to tactical marines, so I don’t have to leave those guys on the shelf now, I can just stick a shield on and away they go. I guess you could magnetise them too, giving you flexibility in your army list.

How do they compare with the official Forge World shields? I only have the Roman-esque shields from Forge World, but in terms of size, these are spot on.

And the best bit? £5 for 5 shields! That’s a third of the price of the Forge World shield set and means I can kit a full squad out for £20! That’s much more like it. Forge World need to be taking note of this type of pricing for upgrade kits, especially with such large armies in Heresy gaming.

My only quibble is that I'd like some rivets on the shield, so I'm going to have to model them on myself but along with some Forge World etched brass, these will look great and fit right in with the rest of my boarding marines.

All in all, I’ll be buying quite a few of these once they are released!

*Edit: just bought another 5, to finish off my first breacher squad...


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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Battle Report - Imperial Fists vs Space Wolves

Don't let the title fool you, I'm not great at writing battle reports. Mainly because I forget what has happened almost as soon as the game is over! (probably why I never win, I forget why I lost).

In any case, my fried Rich and I had a game a while back which I thought I'd share.

Ok, on with the show. What follows is a bunch of pictures from the game in roughly chronological order, with some text to try and explain the awesome bits about what is going on. I won't bore you with the boring bits.

Set Up
We both play 30k these days, and as Book 6 has recently come along we thought we'd give it a go. Rich selected the 'Hunter - Hunted' mission, we played 3000pts a piece and the set up was the diagonal deployment zone set up. Rich had his Imperial Fists (IF), I had my Vlka Fenryka (W)

There was nothing super special about this mission other than that each player had to select 50% of their units to hold in reserve at the beginning, and a bunch of special victory point bonuses, but we'll worry about those at the end.

We both forgot to pick Warlord Traits (although Rich had Sigismund so his traits are pre-defined). We rolled to see who went first. I won but made Rich set up first. I later tried to seize the initiative but failed.

Rich and I both have the limited edition Breacher Sergeant, but they both look very different these days!

Turn 1
We set up 50% of our units, both placing our heavy weapons squads at the back and tanks to the fore.
Rich sent his Spartan down the middle and I set up anticipating a flanking manoeuvre .

My Long Fangs took out the IF scicarian. The IF lascannon armed heavy weapons squad took out a Rhino-mounted tactical support squad, which was the highlight of their game... Pretty much everyone else was in cover or out of range due to the cross-ways deployment.

Turn 2
The IF Spartan-mounted thunderhammer-wielding terminators dismounted and took out the Wolves’ Spartan, which was attempting a flanking manoeuvre up the right hand side. This saved the Wolves’ breacher squad from a close encounter with a thunderhammer but hey stormed in to combat with Sigismund and his squad in the next turn.

The Space Wolves jetbikes arrived in style, zoomed across the board, failed to shoot anything, lost two men then Hammer of Wrath-ed their way in to close combat. Whereupon they failed to hit and failed to save their wounds… points well spent then!

Turn 3
The last of the reserves made an entrance on both sides. The Space Wolves' Master of Signal brought down his orbital bombardment, and killed precisely nothing!

The IF terminator squad round the bend and take on the remaining Wolves Breacher Squad. Both these squads contain their respective army's Warlord. Sigismund and the Wolves’ Praetor, Hrodger Ironblade, challenge each other to a duel. Both hold their own, neither losing a wound, but as the Wolves’ unit as a whole lost combat he was killed in the ensuing sweeping advance.

Turns 4 – 6 – Increasing levels of combat as the sides ground each other down. The IF Templar Brethren was hacked away by a 20 man Blood Claw squad, whilst the IF terminators continued to pound everything in their path with their Thunderhammers and Power Fists.
I brought everything I could to crush Sigismund, even two Contemptors joining the fray at one point, but he and his squad weathered everything I could throw at them.

A nice picture of the Scicarian which unfortunately died to 9 krak missiles in the first turn. I'm not that great a tactician but always taking missiles launchers has never failed to pay off. The choice of krak or frag missiles means they can stop men or vehicles, and it's a cheap upgrade. Both my squads died in the game but not before they earned their points back. Meanwhile, Rich's mega expensive las-cannon squad killed a rhino and a couple of men, killing absolutely nothing in a couple of the turns.

A 20 man tactical squad armed with close combat weapons decide they'll have a crack at Sigismund (looking very yellow in the below photo! He's all painted up now), hoping they can succeed where everyone else has so far failed... they died to a man over the last 3 turns...

The combination of Sigismund's leadership value and an apothecary in the squad mean that this terminator became the un-killable blades in a 6-turn meat grinder. If I face them again I will just run rather than pouring 3 or 4 squads in just for the slim chance of beheading a legendary character.

Although I lost, it's not to say I had all the bad luck of the game. Rich’s spectacular dice roll of 6 1’s in one round, where he only required 2’s to hit, has now made it in to his Saga forever more…

The Imperial Fists won the day, but mainly due to several squads cowering at the back of the board and failing to get their hands dirty… (That might just be my interpretation…). We didn’t count up victory points but at the end, the wolves had one remaining full unit on the board and the IF’s had only lost one full unit, so it seemed pretty clear in our minds.

The game was fun, Rich's board and scenery were great backdrops to the battle and I was amply supplied with tea throughout. So, all in all it was a good day even if I did lose.

What would I change about my army before the tournament? I'm not sure yet. I have tried to have a pretty balanced force; two heavy support, 2 fast attack and 4 troop choices to try and cover all bases. The Jetbikes really didn't get their points back, despite looking cool. Neither did the Spartan, but I didn't take the 'flare shield' upgrade like Rich did (meaning his survived where mine didn't). Everything else worked pretty well. The Master of Signal is my favourite, bestowing a +1 BS to any squad within 6" and granting an orbital bombardment once per game.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


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Monday, 23 January 2017

Wild rumours and speculation...

The 40k Universe is like the changing seasons at the moment. First we had Curse of the Wulfen, where a raging Magnus returned, leaving the wolves reeling, and now we have the Fall of Cadia. Something tells me that the 40k universe is never going to be the same after this year...

But by all accounts, Magnus isn't the only Primarch coming back in the 41st Millennium. There are a bunch of exciting rumours out there at the moment, all of which I want to be true. We also have Forge World hopefully completing their own set in the not too distant future as we complete the march to Terra.

From Forge World, we are still awaiting Magnus, Dorn, The Lion, Sanguinius, The Khan and Alpharius/Omegon.

Games Workshop have already given us Magnus, and we hear that The Lion, Ferrus Manus and/or Guilliman could be coming back soon.

What follows is a summary of what I have heard and some random musings...

I've read strange stories of Ferrus Manus coming back as the leader of the Legion of the Damned. What with Fabius cloning Ferrus over and over, maybe he is truly the leader of the damned? This was alluded to in Master of Mankind.

We've probably all heard the stories of Omegon being the leader of the Grey Knights. Maybe now is the time for that to be revealed?

Sanginius is apparently already back with us as the Sanguinor. If the Angel Celestine can return from the dead, there's no reason why the Lord of the Blood Angels can't do the same...

There are also rumours of The Lion and Vulkan returning to us. With The Lion napping in The Rock and Vulkan trapped in stasis, it could be either of them. If Tryzn the Infinite decides to unleash the big green fighting machine in response to Cadia being destroyed, all hell could break loose.

There are rumours that one loyalist Primarch will go Chaos and one Chaos come back to being Loyal, but with so many rumours and stories, I actually can't guess as to who that will be!

I also want to know if Russ is coming back? I expected him at the end of the Curse of the Wulfen campaign but he didn't show up for the Wolf Time, like he said he would. Maybe he forgot to set his alarm?... In the lore they've found his armour and Abbadon possibly has his sword... maybe he needs neither any more, maybe he's gone full Wulfen! Maybe he's the loyalist who's turned to chaos?

What about the return of other traitor Primarchs? That new Eldar model looks suspiciously like a certain other follower of Slaneesh... Fulgrim once destroyed a demon of Slaneesh, maybe he went after the boss this time and ended up becoming an avatar instead?

 Fulgrim Primarch of the Emperor's Children

Same colour armour, same hair colour, similar pose. I dunno, there's a lot of cues there...

Which brings me on to some thoughts I've hadabout the Forge World Primarch miniatures recently too.

When Roboute Guilliman was released there was no doubt it was a fine miniature, but why did they select THAT pose? The one with a single power fist and a sword?! I, like many I am sure based on the comments I have read around the interweb, was so hoping for the twin-power-fist-angry-rage-face pose from the cover of Know No Fear:

Having Guilliman with that pose would have made me buy him, despite my previous lack of love for the boys in blue. That pose and that book made me love the Ultramarines. In fact, every time a new Horus Heresy novel comes along, 9 times out of 10 Neil Roberts' artwork makes me want to start a new army. And I know many in the community feel the same, just read the comments on any blog or forum site.

I didn't buy that miniature in the end. I generally paint the miniatures that inspire me, and that pose didn't get my blood pumping. There are rumours that he's next in line for the 40k plastic treatment though, so here's hoping he reclaims those fists!

So, with Mr Roberts' excellent direction, why has Forge World chosen not to use the Black Library art for inspiration on so many occasions?

Here's my theory: many of the miniatures coming along now represent the two side of the same coin so often thrown up in the literature. We have Guilliman the empire builder, Lord of the Five Hundred Worlds. His miniature pose matches that of Horus, first among equals and builder of the Imperium (whether on behalf of himself or his farther):
Both have a single power first and a power weapon in the opposite hand.
So who else have we got so far? Ferrus and Fulgrim don't really match in terms of pose but they were modelled much earlier, so I'll exclude them.

But we do have Vulkan and Perturabo, arguably two sides of the same coin: both blacksmiths, both artisans, both believers in the strength of Man:
And Forge World posed them similarly: hammer in one hand, leaning in for the attack.

Then we have some more recent additions (which made me think of this whole link in the first place): Corax and Curze. Both from planets enslaved by the dominant elite, both members of the enslaved population. Both could have become bitter and twisted but one chose the dark and the other the light. Look at the way they are posed:
Look at the legs, look at the claws. Both Angels, but one is an Angel of Death and Destruction. Horus and Guilliman aside, these two are definitely, consciously designed as a pair of miniatures I suspect

So in summary, the designers haven't gone for the poses depicted by the artwork, they have gone for the poses that reflect that Primarch's character and tied that in with their traitorous (or loyalist, depending on your persuasion) counterpart.

Maybe I'm reading too much in to it.

I don't know which Primarch is next on the Forge World list for sculpting, maybe we'll find out at the weekend? I suspect it'll be Magnus, so it will be interesting to see how he differs from Demon Magnus. Hopefully there is some scope for swapping bits.

What do you think?


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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Vlka Fenryka Legion Breacher Squad

I've been waiting long while to share these, so here they are finally.

I loved the concept of a shield wall, and really liked the sculpts of these shields when they first came out. I was most looking forward to the fun I could have with decorating the shields. In my mind I had the images of traditional Viking shields, using quartered colours, but the rectangular shape of the boarding shield with a gun slot in one quarter would have made it look a bit strange in my opinion.

Image result for viking shield

In the end I decided to go with a red and gold theme, as per the rest of my army, and settled on using icons, which fitted in with my new found love of using decals...

There are purposely no unified squad markings, because in my head, when a ship is boarded, whoever is closest is the one to pick up a shield and repel the boarding party, so there would be a mixture of squads.

Without further ado, here's my 13 man squad.

The Sergeant is the FW limited edition miniature with a wolfy head swap and a fist instead of a hammer (which I stole for my wolf lord)

Below are some front and side shots of each sub-team so you can see what's going on behind the shield

If I would do anything differently, I would scrape off the moulded details on the shields, so that there was more room for the icons. I was a bit disappointed when some of the decals I wanted to use were slightly too big for the available space.

I will paint up another 7, to give a full 20 man squad, but I am waiting to see if there are any legion specific shields released. Maybe some circular ones? I may even equip some with spears next time too. Lots of ideas...


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