Thursday, 11 January 2018

Dark Angels planning Part 2


I've been doing a bit more planning on my Dark Angels this week.... I'm still undecided as to whether they are a 40k or 30k army, so have stuck the infantry together in a way that I can use them in both (which I guess is what the plan always was...)

Either, I can have them as the main force in my 30k Shattered Legions force, making two 10-man tactical squads and a tactical support squad (maybe I'll stick together a few more Dark Angels together later to make two full squads, I'm only 3 short after all...)

Horus Heresy Dark Angels

Or, I've got myself 4 5-man tactical squads for 40k, each with a sergeant and plasma gun...

Horus Heresy Dark Angels

I still can't decide how I want to build this force, so at the moment I am just going to stick and paint the things I really want to paint, and see where I get too.

I've done a jetbike and have a small hankering to do a full jetbike Raven Wing army... but I also really want to paint up a Sicaran in Dark Angels colours... I also want to do a contemptor dread with a shield... meh! I just can't decide.... Lets see how I get on with these guys!

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  1. Coming along nicely! I'm a big fan of my Ravenwing army. They can be brutal under the right conditions, but are a tricky army to play.

    1. Ah cool. I really like the idea of a Raven Wing army so it’ll probably happen :-)