Friday, 12 January 2018

Gas Lands - first impression

A friend recently told me about Gas Lands by Osprey Games.

A game of "game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem" you say? That you play with toy cars? Why yes, of course I'd love to have a go! 

And this week he brought it along to games night for us to do just that. We each raided our kid's car box and brought the coolest cars we could find (I'll be honest, rubbing a colour-changing car took me straight back to my primary school days...). Me not knowing much about the game, thought it would be funny to show up with a monster truck... guess what... YOU CAN USE MONSTER TRUCKS!! haha

In our first game, four of us played. I took a standard car with a couple of machine guns and some Molotov cocktails. After rolling a couple of D6 for pole position, we were off! I crashed... I crashed again... I threw some cocktails... I got shot... I got blown up. It sort of went exactly how I imagined it!

Second game I brought out the monster truck, we gained 2 more players from the games club and the game was much quicker in terms of, we now knew what we were doing.

That's not to say the game is difficult, it's not at all. The game itself is quite easy to pick up, it is the tactics that add the complexity and the dice that add a spot of randomness.

You essentially roll dice when you move, and you spend these dice on changing gear, removing hazards and avoiding sliding. You move using the templates in a number of set directions, the more complex the manoeuvre, the more likely it is that you'll slide. 

The cars, weapons and upgrades cost points. We set a 25pt limit in the first game, and 50pt limit in the second. When we play again we'll be looking at taking a team each rather than a single car with a load of upgrades.

I've definitely glossed over the entire book in two paragraphs there, but honestly, if I can pick a game up in an evening then it's pretty easy to pick up. And if I play it twice on the trot, then it's worth playing :-)

The aim of the game is to pass the finish line... or be the last car standing. Based on my first foray into the game, the latter is definitely the more likely occurrence! haha

Overall I'd definitely recommend this game. Well done to the writers and creators, this is a classic! We'll definitely be playing again.... just need to go get some toy cars of my own!

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