Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Year, New Army: Dark Angels Planning...

Anyone else made the resolution to paint a new army this year? I'm a long time Space Wolves player, but it's that time again where I'm hankering for a break for a while...
I've had a real urge to paint some knights and ever since the Horus Heresy Book 6: Retribution came out, that urge has being moving more and more towards Dark Angels.
I love the idea of 'space knights', and the imagery inside Book 6 is, as always, very inspirational. Tilt plates and swords and heraldry and medieval iconography... it is very appealing.
Horus Heresy Dark Angels

So, over the Christmas break I started sticking together a tactical squad and gathering bits such as the Forge World Dark Angels heads and shoulder pads to make my marines look a little bit like the art in the books.
Horus Heresy Dark Angels
I also bought the Games Workshop Dark Angels upgrade set and, on a whim, the Raven Wing Dark Knights bike set. I got this last for the bikers and have sat them on jet bikes, but I have to admit that I think I prefer the bits in the GW upgrade set for my infantry unit as it is not quite as over the top on detail, the sword is more proportionate, there's a tilt plate.
And here's my only close-to-being-finished piece so far. This is my Chapter Master. I haven't got a name for him but like the idea of him being the Nemean Reaver. Either that or one of those who were loyal to Luther, as per the Calibanite green shoulder pad. What I'm getting at I guess is that I want there to be a bit of mystery behind my army, I don't want them to be straight up loyal or traitor.
Horus Heresy Dark Angels
I also don't really want loads of cloaks and over the top 40k details on my main force. I want my heroes to stand out, so apart from purity seals and tilt plates, most of the detail will be painted on, knightly iconography.
I've also nearly finished a Jet bike sergeant as a test piece, with an idea to do an all-Raven Wing force of jet bikes and land speeders using the Raven Wing protocol.
In short, I don't really know where this project is going yet, or what units I want to paint or what the army composition will be (might end up being the main force in my Shattered Legions project, for example), but I'm really enjoying painting something completely different to Space Wolves for a while.
Are you planning a new army for 2018? Let me know what it is...
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  1. Lovely, good luck with that and can’t wait to see you progress. My hobby goals are pretty much paint some of the to-do pile which includes a Tau Army I started in 2016 and managed one... one stealth suit :(

    1. I saw a guy with 3 empty bases and claimed they were stealth suits in stealth mode... ;-)
      Hope you manage to make some progress tho!