Monday, 1 January 2018

New Years Resolutions - Planning for 2018

Hello! And Happy New Year to you all! Did you have a good break? Get lots of hobby done?

I wanted to share with you what I'm looking forward to in 2018. I'm a long time Space Wolves player (what, 21 years now?...woah...), I really fancy trying to have another go at another army this year. I've tried in the past and always been lured back. But now I have a fairly big, varied, fully painted, legal army, I feel I can pick and choose what I want to paint this year without getting stressed about having to have unit X ready for a game on date Y.

I'll run through some of the land marks I'm anticipating in 2018...

January: The Warhammer World open day on the 6th is the first big thing of the year. I cannot wait and will use it as an excuse to pick up those bits and bobs I've been saving my Christmas money for. January is also my Birthday and I have it on good authority that the Birthday Fairy has brought me the Dark Angels codex...

February: Sees the Horus Heresy open day. I really wanted to go but didn't manage to get a ticket. I had an idea for an entry into the Golden Demon competition but will enter this into the GD at Warhammer Fest in May instead. I'm hoping the guys over at Battle Bunnies bring us all the latest gossip as usual, and I'm hoping that gossip includes news on Horus Heresy Book 8, 30k Dark Angels goodies, the map for the remaining books in the Black Library series and something about the next Primarch on the release list.

March: Sees the release of Ashes of Prospero Gav Thorpe, which I am hoping is the herald for the Space Wolves codex and the (fingers crossed) return of Russ!
Ashes of Prospero

May: will see me entering the Golden Demon comp at Warhammer Fest. Who knows what we might see released and previewed this year?! I think I have a few ideas but will keep them to myself for now. Certainly more Necromunda goodies, certainly news on new boxed games and certainly news on the missing 40k codices (if any by this point...).

October: Armies on Parade! I'll be entering again, this time with a Dark Angels Raven Wing force on another Forge World Realm of Battle tile.

By the end of this year I'm hoping to have collected and painted about 1500-2000 points of Dark Angels which can be used in both 30k and 40k, Dark Angels being the theme for all of the projects I'm working on this year.

I'd also like to enter at least one gaming event and hopefully run another campaign with Rich as he trades his Imperial Fists for Raven Guard.... another incentive for us both to get our brushes out!

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  1. Simply to hit the to do pile again, and get an actual game of 8th in... failed miserably last year. Will be going to Warhammerfest again tho.

    1. That sounds like a plan! I’ve loved playing 8th, so looking forward to getting some more games in in 2018. See you at warhammer fest!

  2. Some great goals there, bravo. My plans are to sell off some of the stuff I don't use and wait for the Thousand Sons codex to drop!

    1. Ah cool! I forget that the thousand sons need a new codex, seems like only two minutes ago Magnus was unleashed!!

    2. Yeah sadly it was the last big release of 7th. Then 8th made it so everything was out the window.

    3. Hopefully the new codex will bring some of that back. Was there much in chapter approved for TS?