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Chapter Approved 2017

I know I’m a bit late to the party but to be honest, my intention was to play Dark Angels this year and ignore Space Wolves… so I didn’t get this until late! However, I caved and brought Chapter Approved 2017 last week when I was gearing up for a game against the 4 Dads (well done on the 40k Doubles event by the way lads!).
Chapter Approved 2017

I’ll just run through my thoughts on this one:

There’s no Dark Angels stuff, but I can see why, the codex was imminent. However, where’s the Necron stuff?! The codex isn't out for a while and those boys in silver are due some support. I'm just hoping their release later this year is a big one!

Chapter Approved 2017

There’s not a lot of fluff. I know I’m pretty old school but I used to love the Chapter Approved articles that detailed the background for alternative Space Marine chapters… this is not that. This is a rules compendium…

Chapter Approved 2017

Multi-table games is something I'm familiar with, having played some pretty big games and campaigns in the past. if you have a whole day and a group of friends spare, I would recommend giving it a go.
Chapter Approved 2017

The inclusion of Planet Strike rules is my favourite bit. I used to love playing the Planet Strike rules back in 5/6th edition. This more than any other expansion really captured my imagination.

Chapter Approved 2017

Chapter Approved 2017

The Space Wolves stratagems are pretty cool. In the game I played last week I set up my Wulfen ‘On the Hunt’ and they jumped out 9” from the enemy, then ripped apart a whole squad in turn one, consolidating into a tank. It was fun and something I’ll be playing with in the future.
Space Wolves

The update to some of the rules and points is good. that it made me realise is that, at the beginning of 8th we were all celebrating the simplicity and speed of the game. It was a breath of fresh air. But now… now it is not so simple and quick to play. I went to the game on Friday and I had a rule book, an Index book, the Chapter Approved document and the Forge World Index book. That’s 4 books. Plus the errata sheets. Granted, the Space Wolves codex will be here soon, but I think Games Workshop need to be carefull they don’t let the game bogged down again. The removal of the tables and introduction of data sheets should mean the game is always faster than it used to be, but switching between multiple documents isn’t ideal. The sooner GW create a ‘battlescribe’-esque tool that updates everything automatically, the better.

Overall, it's a pretty good, reasonably priced book which brings your army right up to date. I just hope there is more fluff in it in future... and with all the codexes due to be released before the end of 2018, I'm optimistic that there will be.

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  1. What I really want to trim the load down is the return of mini Rulebooks. There should really be something in between a hardback that could be used as a weapon for home defense, and a pamphlet that doesn't have any of the Matched Play stuff in it.

    1. Good call. We managed to find a 8 page ‘cheat sheet’ online somewhere which is pretty useful