Thursday, 22 February 2018

Progress update - 23/02/18

This week I’ve been doing some pretty cool hobby stuff that I’ve been a little excited about…

First up is this little fella. I painted up this as a painting challenge and have been looking for a way to display him for a while. Whilst in Dunelm the other day I saw these little Kilner jars which are pretty cheap and just the right size. I’ve popped him/her in there and scattered some leaves on the floor (like a snow globe almost!). Quite pleased with that.

Next up, my Mechanicum bits arrived. This I am very excited about! I can finally push the button on ‘operation mechanical love child’ as part of my small Inq28 project (only 4 miniatures). I’ll share some more pictures next week as I progress this…

Belisaius Cawl
 Last up to report was Wednesday night games night. This week we had the pleasure of another game of Big Stompy Robots, which Gav has been designing and testing for a while. It’s a really fun mech-based game. The story is that in a future reality TV show, huge mechs piloted by star pilots fight battles to claim money and fame. A bit like mechanical wrestling I guess… I’m sure Gav wouldn’t describe it like that… maybe take a look at his website for more info HERE
 Big Stompy Robots
Gav Says: "The 22nd Century, Mars corporations have seceded from their parent companies on Earth and war rages across the red planet. You are the pilot of a Battlefield Superiority Rig, AKA a Battle-Rig, BSR or Big Stompy Robot, and you’re out to win the biggest contracts and secure the best sponsorship deals."
Big Stompy Robots

The game was fun, and much less linear when played by three players rather than two. I think when we get to playing with some mission objectives too it will only further increase the tactical nature of the game.

One huge plus of this game, which I am sure most wargamers will agree with, is the large amount of dice required to be rolled! We all love dice, right?

Big Stompy Robots

Big Stompy Robots

Big Stompy Robots

Big Stompy Robots

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