2017 Campaign

Battles in the Rage of Darkness
Battles in the Rage of Darkness is a campaign put together for by me and my friend Rich, to make us play and paint more over the rest of 2017. The aim is to play one game every 6 weeks (approximately) and paint something new for each game.

This page will be updated as we play the games.

This is an escalation campaign using a mixture of Zone Mortalis (HH Book 1), Strike Force (HH Book 3) and standard Age of Darkness missions.

After Prospero, the Wolf King took his battered war fleet back to Terra to report his actions, whereupon he learns of the grave error of his decisions and vows vengeance upon his traitorous brother Horus. 
Melancholy and drowning in the black thoughts of how he had been used, he vows to take the fight to Horus and his treacherous band of brothers. Whilst his fleet re-groups and re-arms, Russ and Dorn devise a series of training exercises to prepare their forces for the theoretical battles they may face in the coming war.
Dorn suggests that they will face many boarding actions as they cripple the enemy fleets that have already started trickling in to the Sol System. Russ agrees, but argues that the war will end in only one way; trudging through the bloody gutters to twist blades into the hearts of his traitorous kin. 
So the brothers set about devising a series of deadly Zone Mortalis and Kill Team training missions to put their sons through their paces…
Overarching rules:
  • No Rites of War below 1000pts
  • No named characters below 2000pts
  • No Lords of War below 3000pts
  • Use blip counters in Zone Mortalis games, with each side having 2 additional blank blip counters to place.
  • Boarding shields block line of sight
Game 1 – 1000pts – Zone Mortalis
Using the Blood in the Void campaign rules

Game 1 ends in a tense draw! Report here
Both the Wolves and Imperial Fists gain 1 Command Point for the draw.

Game 2 – 1500pts – Zone Mortalis
Using the Blood in the Void campaign rules

Game 2 ends in a Fists Win! Report here
The Imperial Fists gain 1 Command Point for the win.
Game 3 – 2500pts – 'Centurian'
Game 3 ends in a Wolves win! Report here
The Wolves gain 1 CP for the win.

Game 4 – 4500pts – Age of Darkness standard game
We used the standard game rules at Warhammer World and forgot all about the command points we'd accumulated...
The game ended with a victory to the Wolves. The battle report is here


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