So, why 'Errant Wolf'? Well, firstly I liked the name and secondly it wraps up my two armies; the first being my Space Wolves and the second being the Shattered Legions (including Knights Errant).

The aim of my blog is to share pictures of my armies, kit bashing ideas, book reviews (there will be spoilers), product reviews (want me to review something? Get in touch) and pretty much anything hobby related which I happen to get up to. It's likely to be infrequent but hopefully regular.

I've been playing 40k since I brought a squad of terminators in 1999 and painted them up as Blood Angels. Space Hulk and Necromunda were the games that got me in to the hobby, and I'm glad they are both nearly back on the scene. Space Hulk, and latterly Zone Mortalis, is my favourite way to play 40k/30k.

I soon realised that Space Wolves were the army I wanted to be and have been collecting them ever since, first in 40k and then as a Horus Heresy force ever since the first Black Book gave us rules for the legions.

I used to be part of The Four Dads of the Apocalypse, and I wish those guys well, which is why some of the stuff on this blog may seem familiar.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Please check out the galleries as well as the blog posts. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Legions on Parade
If you want to join in with photos of your Legion, please email me up to ten photos with a description of why you chose your legion, what you love about them, any background fluff, etc. Anything you want to share about your collection.

Get in touch on Twitter: @errantwolfdave or Instagram.com/errantwolfdave/


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